Hot gamer girls fulfill my fantasy (18 Photos)

  • Rich Spano

    #13 … U aren't supposed to put game systems on your carpet 😛

    For everyone who's hating on gamers … Shut the fuck up, it's not our fault your hand eye coordination sucks and/or you would rather rot your brain watching crappy reality TV.

  • HopeMarie8998

    The one playing Halo is the hottest!! (coming from another Halo fan, who is also a girl) 😀

  • Ouboet

    This keeps popping up on my Chive Flashback. It's probably the 6th time I've looked at this gallery. Worth it every time.

  • Paramedic_Jamie

    These are the girls I imagine playing against over the internet, as opposed to what they actually look like (that's if there even are any girls who I play COD against).

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