Hot Right Now: Some NSFW historical facts that they’ll never ever teach in school (19 Photos)

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (24 Photos)

  • isawoj

    What exactly is going on in #23?

    • BBAmp

      The dude became a girl via hormones. Left is before, right is after.

    • ROR

      I believe the young man had an operation followed up by hormones, or perhaps just the hormones, which turned him into the…well, whatever the hell it is. Which sucks, because if you’re a play the field kind of guy, soon you’re going to need some sort of fucking certificate saying the chick you’re going to bang has always been a chick. *shudder* And if you’re going to boo me for saying that, go the fuck nuts, because most normal people would be pretty fucking pissed upon finding out the girl they nailed was once a guy.

      • Rich

        Well like Brian Griffin told Quagmire. “I fucked your father!”

      • staticnoise

        Well said sir. I for one would resort to murder.

  • Sauru

    you win tink

    • workin_donkey

      HOORAY for Sauru…for not saying…well, you know. Happy Monday, y’all.

      • Sauru

        i think only douchebags say that shit donkey. seems there are alot of them on the internet…….

    • goposaur

      Tink FTW. Hands down the most dangerous Disney chick ever to walk the planet. Never piss off Tinkerbell, she’ll mess you up in a heartbeat.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    I love the tinkerbell one.

    • Anonymous

      I would definetly tink her bell (waka waka waka)

  • Sheng

    Oh my… Tinkerbell! With this look, any guy in fairy tales will slay a drago… will burn the dragon nest for you!

  • aosux

    Nice “wings”

    • JAM

      Water wings?

  • Anonymous

    no thanks…i hate coons

    • ric

      oh no you didnt

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Hormones: now i’m paranoic

  • Anonymous

    if you lick those popsicles you’re gonna end licking fudgesicles in prison

  • Violent_Trout_they_call_me

    I was pretty sure that in the first picture it’s a midget loaded with guns.

  • Robbo

    Unfortunately what happened to 21 will happen to 24

    • well

      Because men never age, do they? psh

  • Rob

    #17… yup, she’s the one

  • Equalizer

    MOAR pics on girl #17

  • dan

    someone please tell me #5 is shopped

    • TheWacee

      Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that it was shopped….When it comes to runway models, a good number of them are encouraged to look like that, depending on which agency they work with (the less reputable agencies). And don’t forget, the camera adds 10 pounds, so imgine what she would look like in person…shudder.

      • wickedjack

        I’m usually the person to jump on ppl for bashing chix just cuz they’re skinny. there’s already enough fat ppl here in america. but this is just sad, and a little grotesque. wat kindof monster would let her walk?

  • cj

    what happened to sexy motivation photos? Those were awesome, bring them back

  • Kitty

    21. shallow, age happens. I guess you also think women who have no beauty are nothing

    • ChrisM

      Yea, pretty much.
      Almost everyone has some sort of beauty, be it inner beauty or the of physical shell just to name the obvious. However, there are numerous other aspects to base "beauty" on…if you have no "beauty" out of the hundreds of possibilities, then to me, you are nothing.

  • Kitty

    17 is Lucy Pinder btw

  • Gary

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  • Justin

    Those A&M bicycle cops don’t screw around

  • AntiSociety

    Wow!Amazing collection:))!By far the best these days is the one with Robert Green,the real american hero!

  • bobg4400

    i don’t get #15

    • Pawndo

      Look at a diagram of a uterus and you'll get the "picture". BA DUM CHA!

  • gdhfgh

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  • Ari

    You’re fucking dumb

    She’s clearly hot

  • Anonymous

    hey, watch it there!

  • dfhfdh

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  • Photoshop Publisher

    Disney chick, cunt? She´s from a book, cunt. Stupid cunt yank cunt.

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