Daily Afternoon Randomness (31 Photos)

  • Constipated

    OK, what is “it”?

  • fasterthanu

    #29 is sadly true.

  • jordan

    “taken at the school I work”

    And you are teaching children with that poor grammar?

  • Charles

    What is #26 Name?

  • greener blues

    Where can I get some of those parking cards to hand out?

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      MS Word.

  • OTAPlayer5150

    9 and 24 made my day, and I’ve got 23 more hours to go, guess I’ll find out how many Justin Biebers I can murk

  • dt520

    #28 is true, I jumped 10 feet away from a rattlesnake and he jumped 20 feet away from me. Then we shot it and got to eat some snake along with a skin to sell thanks to my friends headshot (seriously, how many people pull off a headshot on a fucking snake?)

    • ken

      What is so great about a “head shot” on an animal that is stationary and blind past about three feet? Were you so hungry and poor that you couldn’t let the thing alone?

      Oh well, at least you didn’t piss on it….did you?

      Honest go God, I didn’t even see the lion….

  • Foshizzile

    That is barely any porn at all… before going out on the ocean for 6 months guys will have about 1TB of it on average…..

  • Annie

    3-Some of the best times of my life. And this is what my boyfriends apartment looks like every other weekend. (girl gamers ftw)
    15-FUCKING AWESOME! The male version: Cute=Wash. Sexy=Simon (or Mal…or Jayne…lol) Beautiful(aka handsome)=Mal Crazy=Jayne.

  • Anonymous

    wow, couldn’t understand worth a shit. but, ok, must be me…

  • one_man_queue

    Why would an american site make jokes about the english being fat.

    • ChrisDG74

      Because we’ve run out of bad dental hygiene jokes.

      • Tom

        @ChrisDG74 – Your living in the past mate. Get with the times, grow up or wake up. One or the other. Don’t know why you Americans continue to not take any notice about the rest of the world and get all your information from Hollywood movies. You are a bunch of dumbass motherfuckers aren’t you

  • ChrisDG74

    #27 – You will need to come with me. I need to verify these said skills.

  • men are

    does #32 count as a photo-bomb?

  • aosux

    I got a joke for ya. What did the muff say to the lion? “I’m the pussie? You’re the pussie!”

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else have to have someone else point out the lion in #32?

  • Anonymous


    Amateur. My collections 64.4GIG LMFAO

  • Nick

    Did anyone else have to have someone ELSE point out the lion in #32 before they noticed it?

  • jace

    are #6 and #7 before and after shots? poor chared butt dude=(

  • ken

    In #1, think it would have been more interesting if the guy with the camera had knocked the other guy standing there into the water with the shark. THEN he would have gotten some interesting shots with his camera…. you know, for scale.

  • Haleigh

    #15 made my day.. love love love firefly & serenityy

  • Danny

    #8 for the win!!!!

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Ballardbitches

    #12 is in seattle! Yeahh buddy!

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