Captions, making funny photos hilarious (41 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    “FIRST” piture is great!

    • joe

      you have to be more creative than that

    • Kyle

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  • DoubleOhSeven

    34…your tie is crooked.

    • forge

      On purpose ‘cuz he’s styyyylinnnnn

  • Anonymous

    So funny.

  • Anonymous


  • Michael

    What’s up with #27!? I play bass in a band…

    • Anonymous

      It’s just a running joke amongst rock and metal bands that the order of intelligence goes down from guitarist>singer>drummer>bassist (C G C G C G C G… B FUCK YEAH). Of course it ain’t true (Steve Harris much?), but funny nonetheless.

      • Mustafa_Beer

        What do you call a musican with out a girl friend? A Bass Player.
        What do you call a beautiful woman on a bassist’s arm?
        A tattoo. ect…ect…

        • HANK


      • forge

        Exactly to say nothing of the fact a bassist has to be able to keep a beat, which lemme tell ya, ain’t always easy.

        • Viper

          You can’t spell bass without ass.

  • wally

    most of these kinda suck.

    • Anonymous

      you suck

  • stafferty

    #14 I do not condone terrorism, but if there were a hypothetically a person with a large collection of explosions…

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Ah yes. I too had a dreamsicle once.

  • Anonymous


  • fgjjh

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  • toilet paper

    I showed 27 to my bass player and he became totally irate. He hates this running joke. I think you ruined his day, Chive. Thankyou.

  • MPMoore

    The MLK one made me laugh so hard I dropped my phone (with a customer on it… oops). I think I should feel bad, but dammit, good stuff.

  • dea9

    Lol 4 chan… sad.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah… I am deeply crushed and disappointed in TheChive 😦

  • aosux

    “You can have it if you want to live in Agora f**king hills, and go to group therapy, but if you want a Beverly Hills mansion, a country club membership, and nine weeks a year in a Tuscan villa, then I’m gonna need to take a call when it comes in at noon on a motherf**king Wednesday.”

  • Hubble

    Couldn’t stop laughing for the last four…these are the posts that make me raff out roud.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh Chive is just taking old memes and old pics again

    • forge


  • Anonymous

    ▲ ▲

  • Anon

    ▲ ▲

  • HellHathNoFury

    I got in trouble for laughing, but then my foreman wanted to know what I was laughing at, and called a few other people in to laugh, too. I love you, Chive.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Dammit woman, I told you not to show my picture to anyone! People laugh at me enough at it is!

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        It’s the My Little Pony tattoo on my ass, isn’t it? I knew I should have had it removed. O_o

  • Anonymous

    #5 is that Derry or Belfast?

  • Nick

    I think I know # 16… hasnt come back yet

  • Anonymous

    #34 a black belt would have been more appropiate. ‘cmon man!!

  • ken

    This was an awesome set! Anybody else save a few?

  • exexec

    Can’t quit laughing at #40…

  • Tony

    seen #7 and each time it’s confusing – why are his trousers so fucking wet? what’s the context here?

    • ken

      I believe Keanu was riding his cycle in the rain.

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