Cleavage, like cargo pants, except not at all (13 photos)

  • joe

    why was the last one needed

  • CunningLinguist

    how about some sexy butt cleavage? or, like in the “chicks with cameras” post, why not more chicks in t-shirts and unbuttoned jeans?

  • Not 'tho drunk

    Gary, you forgot to say “first”.

    Heh, heh, Loser.

  • Hugh

    Don’t need the boobs-only shots. Cleavage just isn’t as satisfying without context. Give me at least a face and torso with my meal…

  • Buzz Lightyear

    Anyone else notice the photobomb in #1??? theres a child in the bottom left creeped my high ass out.

    • Gordon of Hesselink

      Whoa. Epic turn-off. Nice catch

  • infamous 9

    Kid’s just looking for his monkey……

  • shakenyetstirred

    Exactly. Little bugger’s like “Hey, cam-whore, gimme back my monkey!” And really, haven’t we all had to say that at some point?

  • thatguyyousaw

    10 is the kinda girl you take home to mama

  • bugs

    #9 & #10 would be much better with an ITOUCH rather than an IPOD 😉

  • top dog

    I’am tired of looking at teaser shots, show us some real tits…with nipples and stuff, hard nipples. Yeahhhhh, thats the ticket.

  • Anonymous

    I was enjoying the post until the last one

  • meve

    are those eyes in the left hand bottom corner of #1? yeah i know that’s not what i’m supposed to look at but hey i’m a straight girl!

    • anon

      then why did you click the link? Insecure?

      • meve

        Nope I only saw #1 on the homepage and i was wondering so i came on the post to ask…

  • Anonymous

    for those of you who missed the best links on theinternet from 3 days ago, there is a great pic of #11

  • aleXTC

    Yeah the girl in 11, TO ME, is the hottest girl i have ever seen. Her and monica Bellucci

  • Chris

    I’m masturbating right now…..

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  • wowzers

    maaan the last one was hawt

  • BMW

    Hot. #2 #8

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