I’d trade in all three wishes for one Keeley Hazell (22 HQ Photos)

  • Pres Obama

    She just gave me a woody.

  • 2020

    No fat chicks. Grosses.

  • thetech2

    any pose any state of dress ,this girl floats my boat anyone who does not stay interested in this and can’t help staring is exhibiting homosexual tendencies I don’t care what your age if this aint downright sexy and gets your imagination purring your gay and you need to go look at the berry or some other chick sight keep rockin the hot chicks John and Leo you save my day everytime you do it to the complainers well get your boyfriend to stop on the way home and get you some lube and breath mints rebuttles are an exercise in futility because I don’t care what anyone else thinks except for the chive guys they are gods

    • Phreaky

      Says the guy sitting in his mom’s basement? Look, by other porn sites I meant stuff like this, not just hardcore porn.
      The truth is you can call me gay all you want, but it’s like some of you have never seen a girl in real life before. If you’re having real sex everyday, you don’t have to sit with your tongue hanging out waiting for Chive to post a bikini picture.
      Just saying.

      • Random Crazy Person

        Dude, go troll somewhere else, and take the ad spammers with you. This is called admiration not porn, if someone acts pervy you have to get over it, everyone else has. Monkeys throwing crap at each other are making better use of their time than you are.
        (replies will not be read, as always)

  • cxz

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  • forge

    Anyone else think this young lady’s got little going for her past her boobs? She has nice legs and that itty-bitty tush is cute enough, but everything else especially from the neck up is kinda, eh.

  • top dog

    Nice face, big tits, no ass. If you look at her side ways she’d look like a large “P” with a head and legs. But, having said that, I’d still bone her because she’s opposite(for you youngsters),female.

  • Vicarious

    I can’t stop licking the screen…

    • top dog

      Well you should, somebody might have rubbed their pecker on it when you wasn’t looking, because they know you like to lick computer screens

  • TexWatson

    #19 om nom nom nom nom, just wanna bite it

  • Roeg


  • skeetshooter

    18, 19, 20, skeet

    …skeet, skeet, skeet.

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Lemme guess, she’s engaged or is about to be engaged as well. Hey, it happened to Miranda Kerr after being posted on theChive.

  • LiaMMV

    She has a sex tape circulating the internet. Unfortunately lack of camera skills mean around 40% of it is staring straight into the guy’s but.

  • RiderFan

    Nothing. These pictures are extremely dull.

  • Jimi

    **STATE THE OBVIOUS ALERT** But Jesus Fucking Christ that was hot.

    English girls are the best…..!

  • VuVuZeLa

    F1RST! Im so awesome!

  • rtytuyg

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  • D

    Possibly the most beautiful woman on the planet……

  • redmallard

    I believe your boobs are natural, they are beautiful.

  • Sparkey

    That is what I loved about living in England for eight years.

  • A8eez

    #12 baby, i'm a believer!

  • chena

    ….and God created woman…..absolutely His best work….

  • joaquim

    muita boa

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