Twins, because hope springs eternal (33 Photos)

  • jiw

    good god! am i first?

    • stafferty

      This guy fucks goats! I have proof

      • kikiklass

        He blows goats not fucks them.

    • Aiyowei

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  • douche man


    • Eric

      do you and the real FIRST share the same goat?

    • thatguyyousaw


  • habsfanx

    Dammmmmmm!!!!!!!! the chive rocks of course but twins is da Sh!t !!!!!!!! we need more Asians & twins post…. so get to work Chive LOL

  • lfsg

    numer 6 is paradise!

    • johnnie

      I agree!
      #6 FTW.

  • Anonymous

    cant tell if # 19 are twins

  • JK

    Started hot, and went downhill from there imo.

  • Eric

    some of the last 4 or 5 are definitely English (FAIL) other than those few…WIN.

    • abh

      woohoo eric, i’ve never met one before, you are my first… a complete f’king prick.

    • abh

      oh, and while I am thinking about it…. with your superior ability to know something without any foundation tell me where the rest of them are from you f’king knob jockey

      • Eric

        ABH, It’s a joke you cum dumpster. Lighten up. If you’re trying to have a serious talk about stereotypes and how we can abstain from hurting your precious little feelings you’re definitley on the wrong website. I amazed you’re able to cruise thechive between all the dentists appointments and rhinoplasty.

        BTW-knob jockey was pretty funny, I plan to use that for future insults.

        • MichaelGS

          dnot know why youre complaining abh, the last 5 are great. 30+31 would make a great weekend

  • stafferty

    Hot Twins: Why do people think that “the old switcharoo” is always a bad thing?

  • mikethecarpenter

    The only reason db and jiw were first is cause they are obviously gay. any REAL man (or woman) would take the time to appreciate the beauty and gorgeousness submitted above.

  • The Doom

    Moar of 31! and who are they!? :S

  • Me

    Who is #5, 13, 14 and 17? WOW!

    • cj

      they were hugh hefners twin girlfriends from last year. kristina and karissa

  • robbo


  • Hwrd_Strns_pns

    #31 is been around for so long,… but still my fave.

    • Hwrd_Strns_Pns

      has not is

      • hMMMM

        "has, not is" – don't correct the grammar of others if you're stupid.

  • McAwesome


  • Chris Hansen

    As the father of twin girls this scares the absolute living shit outta me.

    • goposaur

      oh dude, harsh.

    • anon


    • Leonardo

      Not before they arrived it didn’t

      • Anon


  • winston002

    24 reminds me of to wong fu thanks for everything julie newmar

  • Your Underpants

    tweeeeeens,two tweens

  • powersticks

    #8 23 31 and 32.

  • bigBLACKguy

    i’d hit all of em. my thang is so long it’ll go in and out of one and back in the second one.

    holla bakkkkk!

  • osborl12

    ok, 25 26 and 28 don’t belong on here.

  • smithey

    are they aware that a third of these are underaged

    • pedobear and kool aid man


  • bigdaddydrew

    Getting it on with twins is an awesome concept, seeing incestuous twins making out is creepy.

    #4 is Selena Gomez from Disney Channel. She does not have a twin.

    • Gutterville

      This her mom, she looks young becuasse she had her at age 17

  • winston 002

    i can apriciate the double the beauty, but its kinda gross when the start kissing. and the playboy twins, i cant think of any time me or any body i know was that comfortable being that naked with a sibling. twin or not would you make out with your siblings? or maybe its hot because they are twins and two sisters making out is just two sisters making out. with that logic would it still be as hot if one of the twins was a boy? no cause then its just some redneck trying to fuck his sister. you can try this logic. next time you meet a pretty lady, propose that you and your brother run a train, when she respecfuly declines the offer insist that its okay you guys or twins and that you’ll even make out a bit before the main attraction.

    • Steve White

      Waaaaay too much thought….

      • workin_donkey

        dude’s from ‘bama…what did you expect?

    • nastyb123

      RELAX!!! holy shite

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  • JDXF

    As a twin, its nice to see this gallery. I focus on the closeness and relationship of the twins. For me its hard to look at this gallery and think “ah men this girls are hot!” as much as some of them are. It just created a beautiful picture of unity and family bonds that is unlike anything. Thank you Chive!

    • workin_donkey

      So JD, which twin is more gay, you or your brother? Good grief…closeness and family bond…

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