Twins, because hope springs eternal (33 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    1 and 5 (who I think are the same girls) have been naked for playboy. Hot.

  • Anonymous

    where are the Krupa twins?

  • BigDingo

    there’s nothing hot about incest

    • Oh Yeah!

      Actually I see TWO things hot about incest!

  • Jon without the h

    #4 is only one person and she’s like 14 or 15 years old…so, creepy for now. And I’ve never thought the Olsen twins were attractive. I find it difficult to fantasize about chicks that annoyed the hell out of me when they were on a shitty TV show in the ’90s.
    The rest of the post, though, not bad.

    • goposaur

      Despite being hella rich, they creep me out – almost as much as the /b/tards who think “things” about them.

    • Beldar

      The Olsen twins creep me out also. They remind me of those little troll dolls with the big fuzzy hair.

      #6 on the other hand? WOW!!!!

  • The Truth Hurts!!!

    #4 is fake…That’s Selena Gomez, my daughter is friends with her. She’s an only child!

  • Dreamy

    Isn’t sure if a comment from SaintxXxAsh can make this post any more awesome..

  • Trogdor

    Dear Chive,

    Thank you… truly.

  • ChrisDG74

    Would these technically be quadruplets? Giggity giggity! (.)_(.)

  • Ouchmaker

    Who are the twins in #2?

  • Phreaky

    1, 5, 13, 14, 17 – all ex-Hugh Hefner gf’s. The ones that were kicked out. If you knew them in real life you would be disgusted. They are absolutely vile and only like you if you look like Lil Wayne.
    Besides, just google image search their mugshots from when they got arrested and you’ll see how they looked before their Playboy makeover, and realize that’s what they look like every day they wake up.

  • Phreaky

    Also, the twins in #9 were on MTV’s Double Shot at Love and were in a car wreck that almost killed one. Left her with brain damage and she has to wear a helmet now. Go to ikkitwins dot com and there is a new picture of her there – half her skull is gone and they are trying to raise money to “have it put back in”.

  • top dog

    I love twins, freaky twins. I’am getting a woody just thinking about em.

  • workin_donkey

    Arab…er…Muslim…er…veiled twins are kinda hot in a mysterious sort of way…makes me want to see what’s under the rest of the burqa.

    The sheiks are all like, “Dude, check out the ankles on that one!”

  • doo dah doo doo

    23 is my favorite. i’ll take one and then store the other in the basement.

    probably the one on the left.

  • OMGUsed

    A pair of twins for 1. I WANT

  • Vern

    Those dirty little sluts in #30 FTW… It’s like they were born to f*ck.

    • Penis team

      And you were born to fail

  • isawoj

    Is #6 Tiger’s wife and her sister?

  • rstuff

    #31 is the hottest…are the hottest by far.

  • MsKriss

    #18 they teach at the school’s in where i live along with being cheerleaders, they’re really sweet girls, but they’re not as pretty in person.

  • Sauru

    kinda sucks for those that are the ugly twin

  • Paco

    @ 19:

    …. Are you sure?

  • anonymous bastard

    in the Selena picture, the twin is actually her new wax sculpture in one of those museums, just google it.

  • sarah

    I have twin girls – I can only hope they’re of chive’able quality when they’re old enough.

    • mindy

      ew don't think like that about your daughters

    • sdc

      Parenting FAIL

  • Equalizer

    MOAR PICS ON #4!

  • Up URs

    #2 and #29 are not twins…

    • Ozzy

      They might be, just not identical…

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