Twins, because hope springs eternal (33 Photos)

  • efcv

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  • asfanRei

    #4 Selena doesn’t have a twin, the one on the right is a wax figure! I just looked it up.

  • forge

    #2 is Lucy Hale and her older sister Maggie. Not all these are real twins, obviously.

  • forge

    #31 I would pay serious money to see those two from the back. OMG the hips, the butts, OMG.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Just think of the drama afterwards. And the mind games. And the fact that the girls in 31 have the nicest bodies ever.

    • Anonymous

      you post a lot on the hot girls page – are you bi or lesbian? or just admire women? you are very pretty

  • Ken

    Holy I’ll take the two from picture #3.


  • HollerBackGirl

    #31 Brittany and Tabitha…a girl I know was in the navy with them in Florida a few years back…I believe they originate from Cali though

  • Anonymous

    “Because two, heads, are better than one……It’s double the pleasure, and triple the fun……………..!!!!!”

  • Sugreev2001

    Some of the pics are clearly photoshopped.

  • syink

    some of them are copy and paste!! non the less,they are freaking hot!!!

  • assif

    #4 is Selena Gomez. She’s definitely not a twin- she’s an only child!

  • Anonymous

    num. 31 – girl on left kises me while i feel her tits – other girl blows me while my finger up her ass

    • Anonymous

      Scuse me dude, but that’s just wrong. Just because we’re all thinking it, does not mean you should say it. There’s a reason it’s still in our heads…

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  • -kel

    Dear twins: if you are going to dress/do hair alike you should be mirror images. See number 16 above. Also, way to go, Chive for including hot twins of many races. Seeing the hot twins with headscarves rekindled my faith in humanity.

  • Dev

    …That one set of twins is Elin Nordegren Woods and her sister. The 6th one down.

  • thpp

    dayum theres two gomezes?! #31 is awesom


    Why is one twin always ever so slightly hotter than her sister – or is that just my opinion?!

    eg Hotter sister in 5 is one on right (r), 8 R, 10 L, 13 L, 14 R, 16 L. etc

    Maybe its just the smile difference or the light…Anyway: Cute twins = DOUBLE WIN!!!

  • sithkick

    6 and 10 are just great!

  • pedro

    ops faltan las gemelas davalos

  • Richard

    I know a couple and get the point but I'd like to know all their names. Please tell me. Thanks in advance

  • mith

    could have done with out the Olsen twins.

  • juangui

    #3 #3 #3 #3 the third photo, which appeared to untrigantes eyes as I kill are simply delicious.

  • 1234

    who is 22 ?????

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