Alligators, the new family dog (6 photos)

  • thatguyyousaw

    wow thats awesome

    • thatguyyousaw

      you know… i almost said it

    • top dog

      Thats stupid.

      • thatguyyousaw

        whats stupid? the fact i said this was awesome instead of “first” like most douche bags? or the fact that i posted that almost said it? i’ m confused. you don’t communicate very clearly. did you know that? i think you wanted to be fist so you could say you were first and are now upset that someone beat you to it. go fuck a goat

        • Yeah, You're Stupid

          If you have to ask…

  • Smirnoff

    This girl has balls.

  • Anonymous

    I think this guy wants to beat steve irwin by having his young daughter die from an aligators death roll.

    • voiceofreason99

      totally. its like that family that said it was ok for their 16 yo daughter to sail around the world alone. now she is missing. stupid adults. and they will act so surprised when the croc finally snaps (sorry, bad pun) and say what a good croc he was. what a croc of **** (ok, 2 bad puns)

      • Hiyoooo

        I agree with what you’re saying, voiceofreason99, but I believe that girl has already been found.
        Just an update.

  • flenin

    that guy deffo looks like a cross between chuck norris and crocodile dundee

    • workin_donkey

      That’s the exact same thing I thought when I saw his pic. “Chuck Norris must have gotten bored and now has decided to go in to croc taming!”

  • aosux

    I hope the croc takes off the fathers hand.

  • ken

    I bet there is an interesting story here. And I’m pretty sure that these few photos aren’t telling it.

    Oh and, kudos to the parents who supported their daughter (who was found) in attempting to sail around the world. Good to see some kids with the ambition to do something exceptional and challenging instead of wasting their youth playing video games and texting. Off my soapbox now…

  • goldeare

    those reptiles are not fucking cute and cuddly!

  • mike

    Alligators and Crocodiles are not the same thing.


    • username taken

      You were doing ok until the “idiots” part.

      And stop smoking that pipe on the internets – how many times have you been told!

  • Ross

    Most people can only WISH they were that badass when they were a kid! How many kids in your school had a pet ‘gator?

  • stafferty

    I smell a Darwin Award in the near future

  • aleXTC

    i hope her leg gets caught in the mouth and a bloodbath insues. She needs to learn and respect that alligator.

  • HellHathNoFury

    When something horribly predictable happens, it will be marked as a ‘shocking tragedy’. These parents are unfit and foolish, and care more about their bragging rights than their child. Heck, i even taught my daughter to be careful around our bunnies because they can bite!

    • northerner

      Exactly HHNF. Like the dude in Alaska who raised a grizzly from a cub and now it is the family “pet” and sits at the table. It’s a thousand pounds of potential death. And when something snaps, and the potential is HUGE, same news story. “Oh what a tragedy for the family”. Wild animals are not cute and cuddly. They are not domesticated kitty cats and puppy dogs. This “Crocodile Dundee” is an idiot. And it’s only a matter of time before that croc takes someone’s hand, arm, leg, life. Incredible.

  • Aiyowei

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  • ken

    If I predict that your pet rabbit will bite your daughter, does that make you a bad parent if it happens?

    All those teens who die in auto wrecks, are their parents being lazy and reckless for allowing their kids to drive instead of driving them around?

    Some might argue that good parenting is not simply insulating children from risk but teaching kids how to manage risk. Maybe parenting isn’t about making the world safe but to nurture an understanding that it isn’t. These people might know what they are doing.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Rabbits are not widely known to attack and eat people, save for English Knights. No one can ensure their child’s safety at all times, nor should all children be playing on padded playgrounds. I take my daughter hiking and climbing with me, swimming, kayaking, etc. Yes, a cougar could eat us, but one hasn’t yet, so maybe I should bring one home and hope it doesn’t, right? I’ve never heard this said in America, but we used to say, ‘trust in God but tie your camel’. Things will happen no matter what. Hell, my brother was taking a ride home with a trusted friend when she got pissed and wrapped him around a tree. He wasn’t irresponsible. But you don’t get a mindless killing machine and let your child play with it. Would you buy a dog that was known for attacking and eating small animals whole, or dragging children underwater? No, that’s crazy talk. There is a far difference between common sense and deliberatly endangering yourselves.

      • thatguyyousaw

        k, i liked what you were saying until you said “mindless killing machine”. i hate when people judge animals like crocks, gators, and sharks like that. they aren’t mindless, mother alligators are very protective and loving mothers, and males are protective of their females. to say something is a mindless killing machine is just plain ignorant. normally i am a fan of you, but that one statement is a fail.

        • Yep, You're Still Stupid

          Stop drinking while posting, OK thatstupidguyyousaw?

  • ken

    We agree on most of this except that I believe you may be under-estimating the understanding these people have of these animals and over-estimating and over-simplifying your own. “Mindless killing machines?” You know better. These are complex animals. Predators, yes. Mindless, no.

    People who have carefully studied an animal can be good at dealing with them, whether that be a woman breaking a wild horse, a farmer dealing with a 3,000 lbs Bull, a woman approaching a silver back gorilla, a herper picking up a cobra, an ethologist walking into a pack of wolves or a guy diving with sharks.

    It may seem “reckless” to someone without the understanding of a person who has dedicated their lives to achieving that level of understanding and practical technique to know that it is not reckless (but certainly not without risks). For instance, you know that if you pick up a rabbit wrong, there is a risk it will kick and break its own back. For the ignorant, picking up the rabbit is reckless. For you, not so much.

    • Passed out


  • robin yates

    any parent who allows their child to play with a large alligator is either mentally challenged or stupid.The fact the father looks like Chuck Norris is an unfortunate coincidence, that is why the kid is allowed to play with a large reptile !

  • ken

    The father allows his daughter to “play”: with the crocs because he looks like Chuck Norris?

    I’ll take my chances with the crocs over the aggressively ignorant.

    • Povim

      They don’t have humor in Denver there, Ken? (speaking of aggressively ignorant…)

  • Spiderpig615

    Well if we talk about dog fighting contest this ting is better than dogs.

  • sasuke uchiha

    Anyone who is call the parents idiots are idiots themselves. You don't know them stop fucking judging you sacks of shits.

  • Steve

    People who say Jessica Watson (Australian) wasn't capable of sailing around the world at 16 are embarrassingly ignorant . As for the American girl (forgot her name) she WASN'T capable, and her family/team were idiots for sending her out at the wrong time of year in the wrong kind of boat. As for this alligator girl…wow, that's a hard call. On the surface I'd say it's not a good parental decision, but WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT RAISING ALLIGATORS? Nothing. For all I know, Pitbulls are more dangerous, and parents give them to kids all the time. I guess my point is to not let our mouths run full full speed unless we actually know what we're talking about. And I doubt that anyone condemning the parents here actually know what they're talking about.

  • Steve

    UPDATE: I just spent four hours researching the Colorado Gators Reptile Park where these photos were taken, including over an hour of video, and 9yo Samantha appears fully capable of handling what she is allowed to do. The videos (especially an Animal Planet episode) show how surprisingly easy these beasts are to handle, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. At the time these were taken, she'd been wrestling alligators for four or five years. You can watch it at
    Look for the ANIMAL PLANET link at the top.

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