Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Don

    #1 definately

    • SilentThunder

      the picture reference gives your comment a whole other meaning 😀

  • none

    Neither in 29, not even passed out drunk. they both look equally obnoxious and dumb.

    • bankerloo

      Um, the last things on my sex agenda is obnoxious and dumb

      • Nicnac

        let me see their ‘twins’ before I make a decision

    • Matt

      Well i’m going to go with both since: 1. its a picture and they are both gorgeous (lol duh they are twins) and 2. you can’t tell if they are dumb and obnoxious by a photo.

      @ “none” your just a douchebag

    • Green

      Spoken just like a guy who gets turned down by all women and is very mad about it.

  • Harry

    #1 The news report said Bill Clinton Lingered in the USA soccor team locker room. Bill Clinton’s a F*** lingerer!

    • Tomboy

      here at the chive we just say FUCKING

      • Robi5150

        GOD…I can’t believe that if given the choice over the current President, I’d actually want that man back as our POTUS.

        • Anonymous

          #1 Bocanegra plays like a fucking pussy and should be dropped. Clinton, wish he could return. I’d prefer him over the silly ass bag of shit POTUS we have now.

          • DuroyPrime

            I bet Clinton still gets more ass. I agree…even though Clinton was a douche, I’d take him over current “CinC”.

  • wally

    1, and how the fuck did #19 fatty get chick/

    • mj

      there’s another mans leg in that picture. She might just be a ho!

      • macfree

        i need to get me a ho! and a nice one at that.

  • parker

    #8 is a boob, I mean boobs, I mean it’s a phone of boobs

  • kp

    Actually I would take both…….with no liquor needed……

  • NOUU

    fat people should just die.

  • jose

    #5 man i need one of those.

  • Gildo

    Can we seriously petition to nix the xzibit attempts now? I mean really…

    and is 29 a trick question???

  • aleXTC

    #29 ….hmm that’s a tuff question. I would have to say YES

  • Nick

    What’s up with 5?

    • Axtoll

      dude, they’re toothbrushes… which stand up on their own, probably by some added weight hidden in that lump in the bottom so it has a tendancy to wobble upright.

      • HANK

        AKA Awesomeness

  • phillyy

    for #29, the first girl by a looooong shot.

    jaw structure, lips, nose, everything.

  • http://metalcool36.wordpress.com metalcool36

    #26.. That nose ring was in all reality put there to stop his coke snorting habbits.. Now Micheals a meth head… So as you can see they’re working on getting his mouch peirced shut as well.. And on another not DAMMMMNNN Fatty has game!!

    • HANK

      really? blblbbdbldbbd get the dick outta your typing hand

  • Beamer

    Are you kidding? #2 in 29 is way better looking.

  • Ty

    #7- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Thank you for that pic! I wish I could’ve been there to laugh in her (his?) face! XD

  • goposaur

    #17 – Hair Pie?

  • Rick

    Both please!!!

  • Anonymous

    # 29 NEITHER

    • HANK

      Ummmmm I've got some bad news…

  • Mooseknucklenightmare

    # 29 NEITHER

    • ROR


  • HellHathNoFury

    Maybe, just maybe, fatty treats her a hell of alot better than the hot guys that think since they’re pretty they can treat girls however.

    • LiaMMV

      From the way she’s acting I’d say she’s looking to be mistreated and has not yet reached that tender age where a girl realises that malice doesn’t have to be the basis of an ordinary relationship. Either way, that kid is wicked cool. My hero…

      • HellHathNoTact

        Very true, Lia. I decided *hold the presses* to not be a bitch for once and point out just my thoughts on the boy, not the trash-tacular girl. Trust in God, but tie your camel, I say. Others may treat you badly just because, but don’t run around naked volunteering to be viewed and used as a whore.

    • Biscuit

      … and like that HHNF received thousands of e-mails from sturdy young men looking to be the nice alternative with the heart of gold.

  • ken

    Which one? They’re TWINS.

    #10 is so wrong. and #12 too. I take it that woman used Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon? Whoever did that to that woman should lose their license to practice medicine.

    #17: Pie? What Pie? I didn’t see any pie.

    #18: LOL! MIght we get to see a gif on the Chive from that yard?

    • Mark

      “It’s like hot apple pie”

    • aosux

      Maybe that was the problem. He was just practicing

  • Anonymous

    HHNF with a morality check. Either way she’s topless in a room probably full of dudes. No doubt she got railed shortly thereafter.

  • Anonymous

    #2 all the way

  • Nicnac

    #17 is Mary-Louise Parker… the other ‘nude’ pic of her with a ummm python looks shopped. Makes me wonder about this one.

  • Luke Skywalker

    I will use the force and do them both…

    A warning to the liars that say neither my father is coming to beat the living shit out of you for trying to act cool when you know you are going to stroke it to them tonight….

    PS. I think I hear your mom calling you for dinner and yes it is meatloaf, again!

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