Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Pants

    Sexy lady+pie=awesomeness

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Those toothbrushes remind me of something else I own…

    • ken

      Your hairbrush?

      “Don’t be fatuous, Jeffry.”

      • SaintxXxAsh


  • hardandsturdy

    left side twin for sure

  • thetech2

    the left twin is less ugly I would one nite stand her for sure but I would let her be a long time hang on if she would get some boobs and a nose job

  • sLLY

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  • Rummy

    The mom from weeds rules!

    • Ryan

      I think we’ve seen the cat’s asshole tattoo enough. Maybe you should post the video of the monkey smelling his finger after scratching his ass.

  • Zarq


    option a: hooker
    option b: dude is gay and that’s his best friend and they decided to freak out the internet
    option c: dude is straight and pretends to be gay to let his best friend be topless around him

  • Anonymous

    aw man, #17? She is fucking ugly dude. #29? tought choice….

  • Kayla

    #21, He got her bc of the fucking awesome belt he has, seems to be a thundercats belt. And we are all suckers for an awesome belt. 😉

    • HellHathNoFury

      Thundercats, hooooooo!!!

      • P-90

        I used to love Thudercats when I was a kid.

      • exexec

        And that cheer is very appropriate, because the young man has both the Thundercats, and a ho.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Weeds is an awesome show.

  • doo dah doo doo

    what the fuck is #12???

    i’m scared

  • Arty

    what ever 12 is just kill it before it reproduces

  • VuVuZeLa

    F1RST! Im so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Where are all the black girls? Aren’t they hot enough? I’m just saying.

  • Dylan

    #3 is ‘shopped. I can tell from a couple of pixels & the fact that I’m from Alberta & know for a fact my government isn’t that cool.

  • psycho_freak

    #8: wish i was THAT fone!! i wud be vibrating the hell outta those two twins!! n m not talking about #29 just to be clear 🙂

  • second

    #21 – maybe he just downed the Lich King? who knows..

  • Captain Pasty

    #7 and #12 FTW.
    Lady Gaga annoys the hell out of me, and Bride of Wildenstein has had more sugery than even Pete Burns, i think.

  • Anonymous

    #21 – nah i think shes just a slut

  • BartenderJay

    #17, Mary Louise Parker, is fucking gorgeous. And awesome in “Weeds”.

  • Thompson


  • Rolis

    picture #2, when you see it you will sh*t ……..in a bucket

    The twins, i will take #2 please, #1 can be there for moral support :p

  • viking

    # 17 hopefully hairless pie

  • andipoo magoo

    #12’s face will haunt my most terrible dreams. how is that actually a person? gross.

  • Jayceon Taylor

    haha check ya boy the Game with his xbox

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