Daily Afternoon Randomness (37 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    19* best idea EVER !!!

  • unfairrobot

    @35: Chuck Norris after he got into a fight with God.

  • xdk

    #9 Deichkind at the Hurricane Festival last weekend

  • We Come


  • Steve Jobs

    Poor Steve Jobs. The guy is a national treasure – a true genius, and one of the few who is doing his part to keep American technology ahead of Asia, but he’s looking terrible. I fear he doesn’t have much longer……. so sad.

  • doug

    22 – Actually is TITS so TITS or GTFO
    37 – What is it?

  • bobg4400


    that is all

  • Nick

    I could swear #33 is a mask

  • MrPugh

    10: The most pathetic of these is the girls waiting for the stars of Twilight. These are girls that are all competing for the love of two ‘men’ which is highly unlikely to amount to anything..
    The men queuing for iPhones are all going to get one each either this week or next.

  • Awesome

    HellHathNoFury = some chick who thinks she’s hot shit cause 20 guys posting comments on The Chive “talk” to her. Stop worrying about everyone’s spelling, punctuation, and grammar bitch. Poser.

  • Merovingian

    #22 Would be hotter if she wasn’t blonde

  • asdfg

    One of that 4 nerds is very very smart 🙂 if you know history of that photo 😀

  • rubba_donga

    #26 is kind of funny except of course the English weren’t really “left to fight the Germans”. I guess the US was a little late to the party but only because we were hoping that you girls could take care of yourselves. Of course you couldn’t, so we had to come save your asses. And we still get no respect to this day……

  • isawoj

    #37. I still don’t get what her special talent is?

  • jd

    I think the talent is that she can put her elbows together…the joke is that you tell girls its impossible to put their elbows together and when they do…you get a nice cleavage shot. This girl found a way around the cleavage.

  • Wine

    #25 – What movie is that from? Is that Jean Reno?

  • Anaition

    Ticks suck

  • https://www.facebook.com/patboyslim Patrick Clement

    42 Gigawatt !!!
    E. Brown

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