Holy Redhead! Chivers, meet Susan Coffey (27 Photos)

Susan Coffey is a Jersey Girl. Right now she's a student and part-time model but lately her DeviantArt and Facebook pages have been getting a lot of attention from the internets and now she's arrived at theCHIVE. I've spoken to Susan a couple times and she's as nice as she is scorching hot. So play nice (or don't) and get let the opinions fly because yours is the only one that matters. True story.

Amazing photography by Insuh Yoon and Sito Alvina

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  • Anonymous


    Why do I never see that on that long as walk to the RIP

  • forge

    Annnnnnnnd again no pictures of the bum. That’s GOT to be a lovely bum so why no shots of it? What is wrong with you people?

  • j

    she looks like alison haislip

  • smileyjohn

    needs to learn how to smile

  • Greg

    She has the “true” ability to be a versatile model. She is believable as hot tease as well as refined and demure. Hair is too red in some pics, appears they were trying too hard to introduce contrast for the sake of art. When an artist tries too hard it is annoyingly noticeable.

  • ReeRee

    Such a beautiful girl!

  • aleXTC

    I don’t know the red hair in 19 looks kinda real.

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  • DJay

    pics 22 and 24 are gdlk

  • Max

    This is one of those chicks you do crazy things to win over, like making a cannon that launches kittens with bags of money attached to them and shoot it at homeless people to show your compassionate side

  • http://Facebook.com/michaelpzambri Failbot


    My friend sent me the link out of sheer disbelief haha.

  • rusty

    the pure definition of beautiful!

  • Paul

    Just shoot me now. Life has passed me by.

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  • D-rock

    I just want to know if she prefers steak, or sausage with her eggs in the morning

  • rfk

    Some more awesome photos of her here:

  • Luu

    those guys who say she could need a "nose job" or an "ass lift" should go and take a look into the mirror themselves. rofl.

    also you guys are very pathetic. ;D

  • dan

    Why so god damn pale? she looks dead.

  • Anonymous

    is fucking good as me


    free one night

  • Why Not?

    this is what models should look like

  • adam

    I bought a framed print of #3 off DEVIANT ART it's titled "NEW YORK" I have it up on my wall SUSAN is absolutely gorgeous but I'm very partial to REDHEADS.


  • BryanZee

    So hot, want moar

  • https://www.facebook.com/justyouraverageguy John Paulo

    holy crap… GORGEOUS !! !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugenepark6 Eugene Park

    omg at #23

  • Megafayce

    HOLY F***!


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