It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (28 Photos)

  • ChrisDG74

    #28 – Yes, please.

    • goposaur

      #28 is the hottest bombee in recent memory

      • Michael

        Her name is Iga Wyrwal aka Eve. Look her up, there are a lot of naked shoots with her.

        • Camel Tao

          Thought she looked familiar. Didn’t recognize her with clothes on. Thanks!

    • michealxiang

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  • davey

    #25 is hot!

    • zym

      True. Hot. But you have to wonder about the people who go into a bathroom and decide “let me take your picture” “OK!!”

      There was no better spot? She’s too fine for that!

  • parker

    #16 isn’t a great bomb but a hot chick always tips the balance

    • Jarles

      There’s a hot chick in #16??!!? Where??

      All I see are a duck and a douche.

  • teh internets

    Ninja cat strikes again

  • Suzanne

    #4–Finally!The real killer in The Blair Witch Project.

  • eterytr

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    • Anonymous

      STFU Please

  • Robbo

    #20, I tried a free breast exam business but mine wasn’t as successful as hers

  • Hyssop

    #3 was not a photobomb. The picture was taken of the guy but so it wasn’t obvious. The girl in front is licking her chops … wanting some

    • Spencer

      His penis was well aware of the situation. Therefore, it qualifies

    • zipperz

      …more of a photo*bone*, really…

  • bob

    #6 – is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

    • ChrisDG74

      Mr Franklin is awfully lonely.

  • Lupivthegreat1

    I think the girls in #23 are English

    • Anonymous

      Fuck off, they are obviously American.

  • greener blues



    #12 may be the best ever! Wash away ha ha

  • Bob Loblaw

    28 is effin sexy.

  • Maddog

    Numbers 19 and 21 – proof that thechive has perfected “the photobomb”

    NOW. Find me the names and more pictures of ladies in 25 and 28. MOAR!!! They are sexy.

  • P-90

    #4 Ghost-Cat will shit in your shoes.
    #6 ‘Whose Line’ was awesome, (Colin Mochrie was the funniest)

  • P-90

    #28 Wow you know you are hot when the boys in paintings have to cover their erections.

  • ken

    #10: what face do you make while spilling a large drink? We got our answer.

  • Kirbster

    #20 is straight ballin

  • aosux

    #9 – wicked Slayer hoodie
    #12 – thank you sir for your services
    #28 – That pic would make me waste a wish on being a pillow

  • sfds

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  • thetech2

    oh somebody please shop the earthquake maker in 13 on everything

  • Fuck you guys

    So what, you think that any girl that isn’t fucking gorgeous in the picture is a “photobomb” What the hell!? That one girl was even having her picture taken in the bathroom which is totally disrespectful to the privacy of the people in the bathroom anyway, but you think the fat girls the photobomb and not the obnoxious self photo taker? Since when did it become okay to make fun of people so blatantly? That girl didn’t even look that bad, she looked put together and like she was drying her hands and being normal. She was probably out to eat or something. It doesn’t even qualify as funny, she’s not making a face or anything. She’s just in the mirror. I should start taking pictures of people walking down the street and calling it funny just because people aren’t posing in them. HAH. People doing what they normally do, which is not pose for cameras and living happy lives without the input of societal ass holes. Fuck holes.

  • Anonymous

    I MADE THE CHIVE!! #15

  • maxrushmore

    I made it too!!! #20

  • zak

    I think the chivers should go on the offensive, and start spamming the hell out of these spammers.

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