• garp

    …this is how to signal for a left turn

    • stafferty

      We also would have accepted “I’m a little Teapot, short and stout”

  • ...

    BP boats … BOOOOOOO

  • Anonymous

    I’m on a boat!

  • POPO

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    • Lupivthegreat1


  • Klaus von wunderbra

    “Abracadabra!, watch as I turn this entire blue ocean into a dead brown mass of shit”

    • seawolf

      Just like you Yanks turned Bhopal in India into a Mass of Dead brown shit.

      • Anonymous

        And what did you wanks do to that entire country for 300 years? queenie boy, it’s a fight you will not win, accept it.

        • Anonymous

          What? We fucked it up? By building hospitals, a rail system and unifying the country under a fair law system instead of under local warlords?

          Yea we really messed india up. Wow and there was i thinking that they are an emerging power…

  • Ugnott

    Look, so much more ocean out there to destroy.

  • eryrtuy

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  • ChrisDG74

    Those are boats……….
    And you’re a raging douche-nozzle.

  • Collin

    See we didn’t F up the entire ocean.

  • Ross

    I hope yall know that BP doesnt actually own the rig. The only buy all the crude that is produced from it. yet BP is getting crucified for something i dont think they had much control over.

    • matt

      cool i can drive like an idiot and take out a few day workers in front of home depot. wont be my fault. im just leasing the car.

  • Runcorn

    This is good blog message, I will keep this in mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

  • http://yourmom wowzer

    Wow. This only shows the idiocy and ignorance of this country. Everyone is so quick to jump down peoples throats and call people out for their mistakes and as someone else said, crucify them. I can’t stand it. I am almost ready to move out of this country.

    “People” get special treatment and “amnesty” for doing things illegally, we, as a country are expected to think that’s okay?! Groups of thugs and gangsters are respected but people such as pastors and priests are slandered and some slaughtered by these very gangsters who are held in such high regard in these communities. But when it comes to doing actual GOOD, they find a way to do it in a bad and or harmful manner.

    Maybe we’re just confused…

    I do love the roots of this country, and I miss the country I grew up in.

  • P-90

    Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport (BO-AT)

    • HellHathNoFury

      At least they’re not in a MOAT (Metropolitain Oval Aquatic Trench)

      • P-90

        I bloody love you.

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    • edc

      or a coastal oil crisis karyostenotic heavy expenditure absorbancy device

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