• Shivanshu

    Hey there I’m Galenor, a participant in X48. Seeing this blog post, I’d like to add my own fdaebeck on the social reporting, being one of the people being reported on and all!I do remember seeing the Flip Mino during the interviews. When I heard we were going to have videos taken of us, big, omninous cameras came to mind ones that reminded you that everything you do is being recorded. The Flip Mino kept the tension level during interviews low, as it was a very minute little camera that wasn’t invasive at all. I felt more at ease talking about the game to the Flip Mino than I would do with a whopping great camera.It also seems like it was perfect for the hectic situation which is both a tense coding atmosphere, and a rush for pizza goodness. It managed to get in all the nooks and crannies for those special shots, like in the pizza video.I would definitely say, from an interviewee perspective, that the Flip Mino was a cool little camera 🙂

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