Parents can be cruel to their kids…and hilarious (20 Photos)

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  • aleXTC

    mister love and mike litoris are the best. So high right now and cant stop laughing

    • Linda

      How about Hugh G. Rexshun???

  • Workaholic

    Went to School with a Dorcas Hawker as well as a guy named David Sox. His dad’s name was Jim Sox. Sox to be them.

    • Boo Berry

      I think the name Sue Yoo fits perfectly with a lawyer……… Lifes great!
      -Boo Berry-

  • The Padrino

    Photoshopped for sure who is B.J cobbledick

    • Cint

      Fuck u

  • Horse

    #7… “The Fat Bastard” came into my head…”come over here and lick Mahboobeh!”

  • Names so terrible they are great. | Terrible Stuff

    […] Check out these pics of awesomely bad names over at The Chive […]

  • Mo

    this was hilarious especially the last one but then i realized the singaporian dude in the last one is muslim and has an arabic name and they messed up the name in translation. it says batman bin suferman not superman but wtv its funny nyway ;p.

  • jacqui

    i know a "justin mabbutt" and an "oliver mabbutt"

  • someone

    Funniest names I ever heard were patmihiny and laqueda or stevenisten dick

  • Anonymous

    Bebis and but head

  • HEHE

    My friends name is Waxdorf (Waexdorf)

  • dalinda

    when you give a title as 'parents can be cruel to their kids', i agree for just some names, because many names posted here are simply foreign names written in the english language, so it gives a certain strange or 'cruel' meaning, for example, the name 'mahboobeh', this means in the arabic 'beloved', also 'annass' means 'good companion' and vice versa, when we translate some european names into a foreign language, we would have the same impression (see foe eg. the meaning of nick in the french language, if it's used as a verb 'nicker'!!!!
    you have to change the title….or be careful with what you include in these pages. e
    by the way my name is 'dalinda', pronounced as linda, just we add 'da' as in danish and if you check the name's meaning, you'll find very very ancient roots

    • Hugh Janus

      Dalinda, ure a fuck nugget

    • dalindas boring

      get in the bowl dalinda. borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringv

  • Mike Hawke

    OH please! Say this really fast:
    Mike Hawke

    Also this girl ran for student concil president:

    Whay younass

    • Linda

      How bout Hugh G. Rexshun or Issac Hunt? lol

  • Ahmed not the terro

    Oh guys, I had a good laugh- my heart start pain. I know a guys called Carsten and he really love cars!

  • anita fort

    this is not my real name

  • carol

    I knew a man named Chu the Ding and a girl named Fanny Chew.

  • http://Udhd Ernie

    Where is jack wiener and houifelter snatch?

  • Anonymous

    I know a dude named dang wang :p

  • jenna

    want to know a real weird name……………….jon tugnut

  • Anonymous

    Everybody suck it!

  • Anonymous

    I know a chick named
    Jenna…….. Jenna talls

  • ken

    My mom knew a Charlie P. Crappo and I knew a teacher named Jack Cass

  • Mike Hunt

    Willie Fister

  • A chick

    My teachers son delivered a kid name plasenta

  • Girl

    I know a Tess Stickles

  • Catherine

    Tom yasumi from spongebob looks like yeah sue me!!!!

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