Parents can be cruel to their kids…and hilarious (20 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Jack mehoff

  • Anonymous

    Stew pedasle

  • Pixie

    Haha this is SO SUPER FUNNY!!!!

  • Banana monster

    Thats so funny but pore people, when they were kids they had to live with those names!

  • chi

    im pretty sure i saw #16 in vanier college (york university) lol

  • Dave Carlson

    Great post. A friend and I have been writing a whole blog devoted to famous people with funny names:

  • Go goo

    So funny

  • Hi man

    I had a friend named Harry Balls

  • Anonymous

    awesome and like the boobs on the right (ads)

  • Beanbag

    The mom of a girl I used to go to school with was named Sharan Dick…..Wasnt born with it, just married into that name.

  • Jack

    Buster cherry.

  • Koijjkoij

    "Hey did you know that guy that used to be the smartest kid ever? What was his name again?" "Oh yeah! Mr. Condom! Jesus Condom!"

  • Adam C

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    HAHA I LOVE #14 =D

  • slam

    My real name is Slam Duncan Stachura

  • ass ram

    Ram Dass <—- real name of real dude.. he was famous

  • Liam

    Moe Lester

  • Fucker

    Condom is the best "I'm mr condom" lol

  • dick

    Try meeting someone called eden percy lol (eating pussy)

  • fail name

    theres a whole website dedicated to this u know:

  • @failnamedotcom

    Leader of the dutch senate : Tiny Cox
    Scottish politician: Dick Stiff
    Olympic Volleyball Player: Destinee Hooker
    Olympic Swimming Medalist: Misty Hymen

    Hundreds more at our site:

  • juggalotus

    i had a coach harry ballz

  • Clint

    Had a friend named Mike Hunt in High School. No fooling. The whole student body of over 3000 teenagers busted out laughing when he got called to the office over the intercom. Poor guy.

  • alan

    check out wwwdotfailnamedotcom for loads.

  • Pezski

    #20 is just the best name ever

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