Parents can be cruel to their kids…and hilarious (20 Photos)

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  • pfaiella

    Went to school with a girl named Anita lay

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  • Kris

    I knew a kid from Nelson named dick burns. Also an officer from the 44th field eng squad name dick horney. His parking space had WO Horney Dick on it haha. Good guy though

  • dearne

    Went to Schiller with a lee king.

  • dearne


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  • dick long

    omg awesome

  • JasonNYC1243

    All those names were pretty awesome, but awful at the same time. I felt sorry for MR. LOVE. I mean sure, he was a sex offender and all, but the poor guy was just expressing himself. Like SaintxXxAsh said, "HE was just living up to his name." I knew there were fucked up people in this world….I had no idea there were fucked up people with fucked up names! I guess you do learn something new everyday!

  • Chive

    I went school w a major wood lol

  • mt mama

    2 real men I know are Dick Toy and Mike Hawk

  • Blabla

    In Holland there's a politician called Tiny Cox.

  • nhn

    Kuntz is actually a German name and pronounced roughly like Koontz, meaning actually Little Conrad. Interesting is as well the name of the very famous German philosopher Emanuel Kant, and yes, it is pronounced like c*nt.

  • matt

    i went to school with a kid named Dixie Enormus. He would never hear the end of that!

  • matt

    they missed tony hawks brother, Mike Hawk hahaa

  • guest

    Phuk is my name. Whats it to ya

  • Abby

    Ive seen a name be for that was stu pid.LOL

  • Abby

    Before sorry:p

  • Jon

    How about Grabsack Turnheadcoff ?


    I use to work at a pizza place when a woman came in. She wrote a check, and when I looked at I had to ask her to pronounce it. SHITHEAD. She claimed it is pronounced, sha-the-da. What ever that's SHIT HEAD all the way!!!!!!!

  • bear grylls

    Man I feel sorry for these people,their parents probably didn't have a name and she was about to give birth and just thought of a random name

  • Cunning.linguist

    Fuck-a-you this is gay.

  • 1234

    CHEW KOK hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Mandy

    Mike hawks best friend was mike hunt at my school:D

  • Anonymous

    Worked worh a guy hes name was obiitch. he was hatian.

  • Auf Sofa ficken

    Auf Sofa ficken

    20 funniest names EVER : theCHIVE

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