Photography by Edward Aninaru served rare like you like (18 Photos)

More great photos by Edward HERE.
And in case you’re wondering who the hot brunette is in these photos, so am I. So please let me knew if you find this info out for me at

UPDATE: The hot brunette is a Romanian dancer/singer named Inna. Thank you to all the Chivers for their wealth of knowledge of hot women.

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  • timaaay


  • Chris

    Hee! The money in #9 is romanian LEI. 😀 Share some!

  • Anonymous

    edward aminaru is from romania:d that’s why those money are romanian LEI… and the girl that appers in most of the pictures is Inna, a Romanian singer…

  • Zappa

    Made in Romania. The girl is INNA check her out on youtube.

  • Cristi

    Da sunt ceva romani pe aici ! Arata chiar bine Inna in poze, dar o sa imi ramana in minte interviul ei in engleza cu “the car was OMG”

    • Dacul

      Buna ! Ziceti fratilor niste bancuri sa citim pe aici : )) yeah, that is Inna.. what a bitch, but I would love to shag her doggy style ..

  • rcjaos

    Great shots.

  • metalcool36

    Really like some of these photos. And lmfao the guy in #5- three dollars and he still makes it rain!!

  • Kyle

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  • Archane

    #3 and 66 are mesmerising!

  • garp

    …I love brunettes, that is all, carry on

  • Bogdan Mihalcea

    Inna also says in a interview : “… I am boring”. Not quite boring!

  • utjghjg

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  • aosux

    Weird but cool all at the same time. Thats impressive

  • Anonymous

    I like when i see romanian people in the chive… In the article with sexy twins I’ve noticed that the indigo girls apper too.. :O:O:O. Also, Catrinel Menghia was in an article… Now Inna . These are beatiful girls, and I feel proud that my country is represented by them. Maybe they are not so smart, and maybe their english is not very good, and maybe they are boring :)), but the people who read this articles don’t know this. They see a nice romanian brunette, some sexy twins, and a smokin’ hot supermodel. We’ve got very beautiful girls… Come visit Romania is you don’t trust me:D

  • HellHathNoFury

    Why do I have a feeling that the girls in 13 had something to do with 12? This guy has seriously cool ideas and some gorgeous models at his disposal.

  • Mariciu'


  • kp

    Awesome pics!

  • zacka

    Anyone know who #14 is?

    amazing work

  • Here's my opinion:

    Gosh, these are so fantastic!

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