There are lazy cats, and then there’s that dude in the middle (24 Photos)

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More photos of this cat here.

  • fancy nancy

    I like cats….they taste like chicken.

    • workin_donkey

      Personally I’m a big fan of cats. I like them very much but I can’t eat one all by myself…or all in one sitting. There’s more meat there than one would think.

    • Flicka

      Actually they taste more like rabbit.

  • Pat

    “Nice Pussy”

  • stafferty

    What type of sad individual takes this many pictures of a single cat that does nothing but sleep? This person is in very desperate need of a boyfreind/ girlfreind/ blowup doll.

    • Blip

      Wow, you suck.

    • ken

      Yeah. Lord knows that those of us who love our pets don’t have any room in our lives for any other interests like relationships or sex or (as in this case) gardening.


      • stafferty

        Let look at the facts here, this person took and posted at absolute minimum 24 pictures of their cat sleeping. They probably took hundreds if not thousands. Obsession like this with a cat is unealthy at very minimum. There is probably a large collection of people with no more than 10 or fifteen pictures of their nephews and neices in their home, this sick bastard has 24 pictures of a cat. Something is very wrong here.

        • BaddudeVsNinja

          Holy shit please lighten the fuck up maybe they thought they it was funny how lazy the cat was compared to others, and took 24 photos of the cat and uploaded them. Why would it bother you, unless you are their girlfriend/boyfriend and they are spending more time with their cat than you.

        • Blip

          Interesting, a person who sits in front of a computer and posts (twice) on a thread about cats how lame it is for people to take pictures of cats. Who is sad?

          • uberbrie

            Your insults are lost on the person who took the pictures…It looks like they are of Asian persuasion so your likely be able to fully insult them in a language they would understand. AKA insult fail…go somewhere else and talk shit with all the other kiddies becuase this cat is the best thing since Jesus, Buddha or whatever Tom Cruse Believes in.

            • sothiaco

              I think this cat is great, and the owner, loves him a lot. Can Chive tell me who is the owner? At least, which is the breed? Or if anybody knows if he suffer any kind of funny illness (poor of him, I would prefer he doesn´t!)
              Big Kiss Cat!!

        • NoPainNoGain

          This person has a cat with the look and disposition to earn their owner a ton of money. Could you’re p*ssy do that?

        • kilo

          @stafferty GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

    • Doofus

      You can’t even spell friend so you probably don’t have any

      • aosux

        It’s a rare chinese breed called Pusse-la-wink

  • davie

    cats have the best life on this planet. think about it, they only eat, sleep, and go where they please. I want to be a cat in my next life.

  • Gary

    I am spamming the chive. The chive has now changed my comment to reflect how pathetic my life has become. I should find something large and heavy, then go fuck myself with it.

    • Harry

      Maybe you should get a cat instead, cheaper and you would have a better chance of getting laid.

  • Westy

    Long time Chiver, first time commenter. I don’t like cats but, this one is fucking awesome. I also don’t know why I chose a cat post to make my first comment on.

  • Anonymous

    I hate cats.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Well we hate you too.

  • McBeastie

    That cat reminds me of Doug Benson… Looks stoned and makes me laugh.

  • ken

    That second shot is a keeper.

  • Clarice

    OMG, so cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    all I can say is… that is one high kitteh

  • Annonimous

    I want whatever drug hes on! kitteh be high!

  • Spiderpig615


  • Pants

    Cats are awesome. “Nuff said.

  • dytu

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  • tyra

    That’s a cool cat!

  • Rolis

    im not a cat person, but that can can chill with me anytime, looks awesome -_-

  • Rolis

    ****that cat can chill with me******

  • Babs

    I think the cat’s a stoner

  • Anonymous

    sleep is awesome

  • frankenbozo

    I like the pictures of the kitties, especially the dead one.

  • Wisvet

    The snow picture is the giveaway: the cat has so much face fat it can’t open its eyes very well. So it sleeps a lot, gains more weight, then sleeps a lot more. These pics are cute, but this is not a healthy cat.

    • P Diddily

      That cat isn’t even that fat. I had a cat twice that size when I was younger and she had no problem keeping her eyes open. Your theory is bunk!

  • HellHathNoFury


  • kitkat63376

    That is an older cat…the older they get, the more they sleep. I love my 2 cats and wouldn’t trade them for a man who does nothing but harp on cats all day! This cat is cool, and, yes, the owner obviously loves it alot. Anything wrong with that, Chivers?

  • Ayu

    That was the laziest cat on earth… But cute. I want one…

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