Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Anonymous


    • Great Odin's Raven !!!

      Whats up with #8….Ben asslick is a turd.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Dear Chive,

    Your taste in women has been superb this week. Keep up the good work.

    Love, Everyone.

    • Anonymous

      i did not give you permission to speak on my behalf. you cunt.
      the taste in women this week has been absolute shit. i dont understand the asian obsession, and furthermore, the asians posted in this series have nothing special about them.

      also what the fuck is with the chick who included a picture of her “tush”. firstly, shut the fuck up you hoe, you’re not as good as you think you are. your ass is flat, your face is weird and your white lips are gross

      chive, you will post the pic of almost any dirty bitch that sends you a pic of their boobs or ass, regardless of whether it is good or not. the white lipped bitch is a perfect example of this

      i will admit that you do get it right at times with hot randoms, but overall…. lift your game.

      • LOL

        Wow. Someone needs a little alone time don’t they? May I suggest you take a nice hot bath, put some Peter Cetera on, get some chocolate, some wine…and then SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?! Seriously…that’s way too long a critique…you need to change your pad and pop a few Midol. 😛

      • Dadaboi

        says the anonymous commenter. just gtfo.

      • Dudi

        I move that Mr. Anonymous be nominated to “Most In Need Of Getting Laid, Least Probable To”. All those in favor say “Aye”.

        • dirtball


      • HellHathNoFury

        Wow, I thought I was a bitch. Your jealousy is showing. Right….there…and a little there, too. I understand saying a woman is trashy, but beyond that, only a threatened dog barks. Remember that next time you’re with your man and you’re bitching constantly about another woman.

        • thoughts

          HHN…IDGAF needs to stfu every now n then

          just sayin

      • booyah

        Whatever chin nuts…

      • Ranger Danger

        If you’re setting your standards that high then get used to fucking nothing but your palm for the rest of your life. Your sad, sad, lonely life…

        • doug

          Aye…. Dude if you lighten up on the cursing and trashing you could see some degree of truth there… let me rephase your post:

          “Hey man you don’t speak on my behalf. I bet these are fine women, but they are not my type. (I like shemales….)
          The taste in women this week hasn’t been what i consider exciting, but thats just me (I love em shemales). I don’t understand the asian obsession, but its ok thats just me, i am sure they do make other people excited. You could put a dick or two on them that would work for me. And furthermore, the asians posted in this series have nothing special about them. I mean where is all the dick?

          Also what the heck is with the chick who included a picture of her “tush”. Firstly, you look great, but not a shemale (thats my thing if you people didnt figured out already), I bet you are great, but some self respect would be great. Your tushy is less voluptuous as I would like (also no dick on front!), your face is not my thing (to feminine, i like more manly woman) and your white lips are not a color i go for

          Chive, you will post the pic of almost any girl that sends you a pic of their cute parts, regardless of whether it is my type or not (you know i’m the center of the universe). the white lipped woman is a perfect example of this.

          i will admit that you do get it right at times with hot randoms (some dicks), but overall…. lift your game (MOARR DICKS).”

          • doug

            Also, couldn’t edit the post. HHNF you are great and awesome, i mean how many people keep cool when so many haters out there? Its funny to see your responses to like:
            HHNF you suck etc.
            Kudos your comments very funny stuff.

            Edit: you dont look so bad too… xP

        • Anonymous

          you are all sad sorry desperate losers who would enjpy a good beastiality porno
          you get excited over any dirty random slut with boobs. you fucking desperate cunts

          firstly, how am i setting my standards high? i would rather fuck my palm for the rest of my life than the dirty asian bitches or trashy white lipped hoe in this series.
          secondly, i had sex with all your mothers ;D

          i’ll say it again, the quality of the girls has been deplorable of late. with few exceptions. lift your game chive

          • doug

            You should probably start using a template for posts… I truly hope you have to fuck your hand for the rest of your life, you don’t deserve 99% of chicks in the world.

            • doug

              You should implement some edit post thing….
              Add some freckled redhead voluptuous asians and watch my pants explode… Also more combinations come to mind but… thats for another time

      • forge

        Hey Nonny? I can call you Nonny right?

        Stick your opinion where the sun don’t shine. I think #9 is cute. I hate white lipstick and floofy blondes who are clearly too impressed with themselves too, but this one’s cute so forget it, I’mma stare at her and you can bloody well go stare at something else dammit.

        • Anonymous

          shut the fuck up you fucking fucks

          you can all suck me til i bleed

          😀 😀 😀

  • Bizarrobear

    Number 1 is shopped. I can tell by the pixels that is not the real Kool-Aid Man.

    • ken

      not funny you fucking douche ^

  • shakenetsirred

    Not our finest collection…

    • BoogerEater

      if they leave asian out of this, it would be amazing collection

  • hm

    23 – eff double standards in aging.
    Cause y’know men never age and always look good, women aren’t here to look pretty – they’re not nothing without beauty yknow. shallow

    • forge

      ^^^^^ That exactly. Screw your ageism, that lady’s pretty cute in both frames dammit. Just ‘cuz she doesn’t look like a fricking Victoria’s Secret model when she’s got sixty staring down her neck doesn’t mean she’s not a nice looking girl. Again, screw your stupid ageism.

      • hm

        thanks! I agree
        lul @ my 6 thumb downs

  • someguy

    #10 so.. how much was the BJ facial ??

  • P-90

    #17 and #22 kind of put the kibosh on #6

    • forge

      Yeah really!! England FTW

      • MichaelGS

        you forgot to add 35 to the list :green:

  • Ilikeyou

    who is 30 and 40?

  • Panterror

    Decent collection but I would really appreciate some HHNF beautifulness next week. Maybe a “Hell hath no fury like Mondays” I dont know, just spit balling.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Thanks, but I would never inflict such a visual assault upon my fellow Chivers. I call for a Victoria Justice day. She’s ridiculously pretty.

      • forge

        Oock, she *is* pretty. I have SHIRTS older than her, but she’s a pretty kid nonetheless. What about Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Not enough hi-rez photos of her probably, she’s vastly overlooked because people are paying too much attention to Megan (cccchhhhhkkkkPUI) Fox. Hey, Winstead’s 26, at least she’s too old to be my granddaughter.

        • HellHathNoPerdobear

          I didn’t know until later that Ms. Justice is only 17! My Batman underoos are older than that! Unintentional pedobear action, there. There’s no reason 17 yr olds should look like that! And I agree about Winstead, she’s hilarious and beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    #15 is from york university, i lol everytime i walk past it on the way to class

  • Bricc

    #49: Sean Hannity?

  • Da Cuntstabber

    43: Da Man nigga!!
    Yeah, all girls are shit ‘ere. Oh no!!! I’m getting blacklisted by the almighty commenters!!
    You yanks are funny baa baa baaa sheepy sheepy sheep.

    • HellHathNoFury

      This is why community library computer use should be closely monitored.

      • Ranger Danger

        It’s ok, the only change in his sex life since he hit puberty is he uses his other hand now.

  • kbilly

    who is #35???

    • doug

      Keeley Hazel lol, cant you tell?

    • Mil

      Holly Valance. She's an Aussie actress (living in US now I think)

  • CalculatedRisk

    Okay, so being a South African, I didn’t stop laughing at #36 for like an hour!!!


  • kp

    I believe the wet girl poolside is peeing!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, she is peing. Looks like a reverse Asian ninja boot too.

    #2 What is the Lion going to eat? There aint no meat there.

    #9 eh white lips nah

  • Jaredallas

    #9 – He’s right. I see another shot, but it appears your tush was not pictured.

  • Dreamy

    o yeah, keep asians like # 30!

  • vista

    Really hate to be the dork here, but #48 is shopped. The text looks nothing like that in the book and in the movie all of the letters fade in at once. . .

  • wally

    #39 does not get old, and yes, #48 is shopped.

  • forge

    As one of several viewers who regularly say “forgot the tush,” I would just like to say thank you #9, that is a lovely albeit tiny little tush you have there.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    #48 is shopped.

  • aosux


  • Ejigantor

    #44, SNES FTW

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