US reacts to Donovan’s goal (video)

This video is from the US vs Algeria game on Wednesday, 6/23

UPDATE: Sadly, as I’m sure you all know by now, the US lost a hard-fought game today vs Ghana. Congrats to Ghana and a standing-O to the US soccer team for putting in a hell of an American effort to get to this point. Brazil 2014. Bring it, bitches.

  • England

    Top tip for ya dude……..The US aint The WORLD…….it is just a tiny cog in a very big machine…..

    P.S.Dont you pussies play ‘football’ whilst wearing pads…..Should be Tenna Lady pads 😀

    • Karl

      The biggest, most important cog that really doesn’t need most of the other parts of the machine.

      • mike

        USA IS the BIGGEST POWER, that’s why they had to borrow 300 billion from the Chinese and that’s why they are waisting more than 10 billion a year for wars they can’t win. As for football, USA didn;t make a single shot outside the box and they lack the idividual talent every other country has

    • bbbbbeaver

      i think USA is a pretty big cog in your machine.

      • Nateb123

        The USA is just the worn-down, rusty cog that squeaks the loudest as it fights to make another agonizing revolution. You’re a shadow of former greatness with an obnoxious majority that has been so poorly educated that it doesn’t even question their “#1 status”. Too dumb to question doesn’t equal #1 in my book.

        • Chris

          greatest economic power+strongest and largest military power+greatest global influence doesn’t equal #1 world power?

          • =\

            Can we get some commends with actual facts and not people saying stuff they only think is true? Please? and can we stop talking crap about people we don’t know for saying things we don’t like? If so thank you.

            I think the US has is pros and cons just like every other country. It varies from state to state. But US being the center of the world? Not the last time I checked… plus, how can a country be the worlds greatest while owing such a great amount as 13 trillion dollars? (

        • frank"fckyou"tank

          You do realize that the only reason Canada isn’t run by a real government is that the USA protects you right? You have half the population of California and 10x the land. Enjoy getting everything 4 months late and drinking terrible beer like Canadian.

        • Anonymous

          The only thing that makes an old maid feel better is by calling others an old maid. The British Empire lost its hold on the world over 150 years ago. It still berates former colonies and patronizes entires civilizations. We make noise, you listen. Don’t pat yourself on the back for being a good listener. By the way, the UK education system is in the can. Why is London facing brain drain?

          • Anonymous

            Ignorant-to-reality muppet.

          • coocoocuchoo

            where do you learn this shit from? A) Britain lost its empire about 75 years ago not 150…and B) how has the UK education system gone to shit? i honestly dont understand this lol i go to a UK school and im pretty sure im getting taught well… but on another note, it embarasses me abit when the first comment on any thread about the USA is a Briton saying how shit america is or something…it just sounds like jealousy

        • kent

          Canada is a pathetic country who is inferior to and dependent on the US in every single regard. Your entire effort as a nation is devoted to deluding yourself and biting the hand that feeds you. Canada is a leech. Canad has never contributed anything of improtance to the world.

          USA: Lands men on the moon, invents the internet, the personal computer, maps the cosmos, creates the website you’re on right now, the computer you’re using, the OS you’re using etc…

          Canada: Justin Bieber, and an undeserved sense of arrogance.

          Go kill yourself.

        • Kent

          Poorly educated? Americans are way more educated than Canadians. A higher percentage of our population receives both secondary and post-secondary education. Our universities dominate in the world in every single field, Canada barely even exists in any of the league tables.

          You Canadians have literally nothing to be proud of. Your country only exists because we allow it to. You’ve done nothing of importance, ever. Your entire basis or pride consists of lies, you bash the US for all things that are worse in your own country. You depend entirely on the US for every aspect of your existence as a nation, and yet you think you’re superior.

          The US invented everything of importance in the last 100 years. The airplane, the integrated circuit, the microprocessor, the personal computer as a whole, the laser beam, digital music, the internet. Every single major IT company in the world is American. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Yahoo. Every technology that you’re using to post on Youtube, which is an American website, was invented by Americans.

          Canada has not and will never, ever do anything even approaching any of these accomplishments. Thousands of years from now humans will be learning about American accomplishments in their history books, Canada won’t even be a footnote.

          • Nateb123

            Lol @ Kent

            Obvious troll is obvious. Do you just make up pro-American claims or do you actually not get that the “no child left behind” program is a massive irony?

      • Ken

        That cog you speak of has a label on it saying Made in China.

    • Ranger Danger

      lolumad bro! Don’t be bitter because England didn’t stop the wittol ol Amewikans into the gwound. We are patriots, the same as you. Shut your fuckin mouth and go back to your fish&chips and shitty weather.

      • Anonymous

        Shitty weather? you are obviously not in England it’s fucking boiling here.

        • restoftheworld


          • Philbo

            Oh Ghana, we do,
            Oh Ghana, we do,
            Oh Ghana, we do,
            Oh Ghana we love you!

        • me

          I love boiling!

    • sippinator94

      American Football is Football. Futbol is soccer. We don’t want any confusion here.

      Us football players wear pads because we get hit. Hard. As I sit watching England getting destroyed by Germany, any contact and that soccer player is on the ground. They can hit shoulders and they start whining to the ref. Which I understand, it is part of the sport. But if players had that mentality in football, they would get beaten harder, and harder, and harder. That is the mentality of us Americans. Mess with us, you get a boot up your ass and soldiers with guns knocking at your door.

      And as long as we are on the topic of politics, do you remember World War II? What would of happened if we had never entered? Well, you sure wouldn’t be speaking with us in english, that is for sure. Hell, I might even be speaking german with you. I think the phrase “Respect your superiors” applies here. All-in-all, I think Great Britain, Europe, Asia, everyone is indebted to the great US of A. God only knows what would of happened.

      Anyways, lets get back to the sports world. The average size of a professional soccer player is the height being around 6’3″-6’5″, or 1.905-1.9558 meters, and about 180-190 lbs. or 81-86 kilos. The average size of a professional football player is 6’3-6’4 and 248 lbs. If two average size players ran at each other with that kind of “I will kill you mentality” one of them would at least get seriously hurt, if not killed.

      • MichaelGS

        dude, comparing American Football and Soccer is like comparing MMA and WWE, they might share 1 or 2 elements but they are generally separate sports. Have your average sized American Footballer take off hit pads and helmet and run with the “I will kill you mentality” at a similar size guy also not wearing pads and youve got yourself a little game called Rugby. Also youre assuming the soccer players wouldnt move out of the way. Sure theyre mostly all thick as shit, but theyre smart enough to use theyre speed agility to move. The problem would come in 20-30 mins in when the Footballers were tired because they dont have the stamina and the Soccer players havent broken a sewat yet and are running rings are the Footballers. Again, different sport different physical requirements.

        And if the US hadnt entered WW2 we here in Europe would probably all be speaking German… but so would you guys. Hitler had no plans to stop and was already scouting South America. We’re glad you joined the party but you guys had no choice if you wanted to keep it off your own shores.

    • Anonymous

      How did England do with Germany? oh..thats right! They fucked you up really good LOL How does your piece of shit island become so bad at something you invented? Talk about loosers with bad teeth LOL

      • Anonymous

        We don’t have bad teeth you ignorant muppet, on average we officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet.

        • Kent

          Nope. Brits go to the dentist less than other people, there are Brits who go their entire lives without stepping foot into a single dentists office. Because of this there are less cavities per person reported in the UK.

          You don’t have the healthiest teeth. You have a low amount of reported cavities because of the fact that such a low amount of your people have regular dental visits.

          Everyone, including Brits and Americans both, know that Brits have worse teeth than Americans. Brits admit it themselves after they come to the US and then go back to the UK and compare.

          • P-90

            A recent international heatlth survey found thet on average the British had the healtthiest teeth on the planet. I’ve lived in England for my entire life and the only terrible teeth I’ve ever seen are in the heads of guests on the Jerry Springer show.

            • spook01

              didn’t England have the same amount of success as US? and that’s a sport we really don’t give 2 shits about imagine if we only cared…hmm..

            • MichaelGS

              @spook01, You guys do give at least one shit about the sport or it wouldnt be the fast growing sport in the US with 18 million playing the game and growing, plus all the people who watch but dont play. Its not as big as the other 4 but its getting there. Also, even if you did give 2 shits you wouldnt win the world cup. Sure you might progress further in the competition, but you’d ultimately fall to the south americans or germany. US could be world player in the game one day, but its not gonna be anytime soon

  • C

    Don’t be crabby because you are sucking at the only sport you have in your country. P.S. You are welcome for the help during WW2.

    • Anonymous

      You are welcome for our (And all the other allies) help also.

    • European guy

      ok just to clarify some things…

      1st- america didnt won the WW2, the ALLIED won. that means russia (who deployed WAY more ppl than the US and pwnd the nazi noobs all the way from stalingrad)

      2nd- UK played a major, major role in the Operation: Desert Fox, wich wiped out Rommel forces.

      3rd- We discovered the US of A, and for many many years all the european scum went there. Too bad u guys had shitloads of gold and oil…

      4th- America has and had huge loads of potencial. too bad ur own government screwed u guys over (but dont worry thats the world Standard atm )

      5th- China and Japan own the world now. if u dont see it is because u are blind. the truth isnt always the prettiest but belive me it is. Also India is also becoming a major power as is all the pacifc region from china to australia

      6th- The us has a think called Hollywood. Go see all the major movies about WWII in the last few years, how many refer to Stalingrad where 8 million Russian lives where lost and where the Axis started to fall? How many reference the Fact that STaling got Berlin not the US?

      Hollywood glorifies the US, i can see it in all the movies and games. The us is always and i mean always the good guy, rarely it is portraied as an evil organization. wich in some things it is…

      Many people compare the Us to the roman empire. wich i see the us become more like the roman everyday. Also dont forget Rome took more than a century to become an Empire. and it all fell to ashes in about 50 years or less (dont really know).

      Great Power come with Great Responsibilites…

      • european guy

        ohh and i forgot.

        US are really good at American Football, Ice Hockey Basketball and Baseball. Cause basically they are only played in the US.

        Rugby and Football the real one sanctioned by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) wich is here since 1904 an played well before it since medieval times (you know where the US of A didnt even existed?)

        Just cause ur the Champ at a game u invented and only u play doesnt mean ur the best of the wold

        In a lighter note:

        Kudos to the US Football team. this is a start if they keep trying and going at it they will eventually win. Never give up Never Surrender!!!!!

        • Joseph Stalin

          who else read both of this “European guys” comment in a Russian accent? soviet russian troll speaks russian.

      • Cody


        The first point and second point are both true, but remember, Americans fought a third front from France onward, not to mention alongside the Desert Rats in Egypt and the 3rd Army from Stalingrad to Berlin.

        The third point is wrong for the fact that there were people here before The Europeans even touched the Americas… Europeans decided that they wanted to take land and claim that they found it themselves…

        The fourth, yes, our government has screwed us over royally. It’s also screwed the rest of the word over because it influence the rest of the world more than any other country’s government. XD

        The fifth, Japan is just as, if not, more screwed up than America. China owns the world because the incorporate sweat shops and a communistic government.

        The sixth, lol @ the sixth. Hollywood only does that to glorify the U.S. Just because Hollywood says it does not mean we all believe it or don’t know what it doesn’t say. And lol for the fact that Americans fought on the Russian front as well. The reason we don’t glorify the Russians is because of the cold war.
        Play Call Of Duty: World at War campaign and tell me how you think it doesn’t glorify Russians? Half of it is played as a 3rd Shock Army Private.

        Lastly, Rome grabbed all the land it could… America has kept it up to Hawaii/ Puerto Rico/ Alaska and that’s all the further we extend our borders… No matter what war we won/helped to win we never took land… Like Rome, my ass…

        Up to that… That is all. WWII was a combined effort that could not have been won by any one Allied country alone so don’t go saying one or the other won it for anyone…

        • Phuckt

          Oh man, I agreed with everything you said up until the not extending borders after Hawaii and Alaska bit. The US government extends its influence far beyond its borders by undermining foreign governments that don’t allow US capital and corporations to rape and pillage.

          The US has a long history of sabotaging democratically elected governments around the world and imposing its will (best example: Chile…most recent example: Iraq).

          Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? The US fucks the rest of the world and if they don’t like it, they get invaded.

        • European guy

          “You’re on an American website.
          You’re using an American browser.
          Your computer which was designed by Americans runs American software.
          All on the internet which was invented by Americans, powered by electricity that was first harnessed for practical use by Americans.”

          What is an american? is there really a thing such as an american? u mean native americans? cause besides from that there is no such thing as an american.

          Enstein a German jew made ur Bomb
          Niklas Tesla was the REAL inventor of electricity and how we use it. Franklin just stole his idea and created DC current i think and started a smear campaing on Tesla.

          How many of u so called “amercans” have a pure breed of American heritage? ur a nation of irish, chinese, italians etc etc etc.

          Realize this THERE IS NO TRUE AMERICAN.

          in europe a French is probably pure french. Spain and French guys have some DNA similarites cause it all started from the same race.

          U cannot find a pure American breed outside native americans. and u have many many people working on firefox and other OS and Military projects wich have strong non-american roots hence ur argument is unvalid.

          @Cody from Wisconsin

          “The third point is wrong for the fact that there were people here before The Europeans even touched the Americas… Europeans decided that they wanted to take land and claim that they found it themselves…”

          dont come with that thing. if europe hadn’t find america u would still be living on a tent. so if u use the internet u have no right to complain. And be glad Spain didnt took interest in u. look at what they did in Central Spain.

          • me

            For a guy who thinks he is really really smart, you sure had trouble figuring out that by “American” he meant a person living in america. See, over here we don’t subscribe to the european ethno-centric view of nationality
            But nice try.
            Point stands, America consistently produces everything you like.

            • badalki

              Internet .. its serious business.

    • Anonymous

      Only sport we have? Britain invented all the sports that are now followed wordwide. (Football, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, Golf, Thoroughbread Horseracing, Field Hockey, Tennis etc, even the modern Olympics were started in Britain)

      • Donkeyballs

        Let’s be honest, it doesn’t bother me what other countries think of me or my sports, nor do I hope they don’t care what I think. I love my American Football and I wouldn’t trade it for any other. The rest of the world can keep their soccer and enjoy it, it completely bores me. I’ve got my 4 50″ tv’s, my 2010 Charger, my ’64 Impala in the garage, and my surfboard. I but what I want, do what I want, and life is good. If the US is such a shitty country, I guess I missed the memo. You just stay in your country with your sports, I’ll stay in mine, and let’s just all forget each other even exists, cool?

    • HA2U

      Wow, you Yankees sure help when it comes to bombing foreigners. Then you make films about it. Wow America is not the worst country. Sarcasm only smart people understand it.

  • Mustafa

    Exactly what I were thinking..

  • Frelli

    I just keep stopping at 1:01, Screw the rest of the video.

  • cj

    what’s the name of the song? i cannot recall the name

  • F from Germany

    First i wanted to only write “wow, big whoop guys! ;)” but then i read:

    “The biggest, most important cog that really doesn’t need most of the other parts of the machine” by KARL

    this thinking is literally bankrupting state after state in the U.S.

    dont get me wrong, love the states and lived there – but the huge cog keeps turning not knowing the machine is out of order for years…

  • Rudy

    hahahah the world??? WTF you should get over yourself america, you really dont know what youre up to now. you tie with a shitty england, and won some shitty games, but the day youll met a real football team, youll see whats all about, nobody gives a shit about the US in the football world, so cheers and go fuck yourself

    • funtclaps

      nobody in the US gives a shit about futbol so go fuck yourself with no cheers because youre a fuckin uppity CUNT

      • Bart

        What you mean to say is: “nobody in the US gives a shit about futbol when they lose.”

    • Hugo Stig.

      Damn right! Fuckin' despise the stuck up pricks.

  • England

    OOOOOOhhhh USA 0 -1 GHA

    The mighty super power being beaten by a third world country.

    One of you will soon be bitching that there is some oil somewhere in Ghana so your trigger happy ‘marines’ can go and invade a country for the black stuff……got a better idea…..go and invade the Gulf of Mexico……you could all do with the wash

    • sippinator94

      Fucking wankers. The United States soccer team tied the mightiest soccer team of all time. Dudes, soccer might be the third most watched sport in the great US of A. Soccer is number one anywhere else besides the United States and Canada. England is in love with soccer. Can’t even beat the US. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight people.

      • Anonymous

        England has roughly fifty million people to chose their squad from whereas the US has over 300 million and it still took a monumental cockup for the US to beat England.

        • C

          Dude, soccer is like the fifth most popular sport in America, and even that is debatable. The US just doesn’t care about soccer. The UK lives and dies by it, we get it. That having been said soccer is the most boring spectator sport ever. It takes athletic skill, and is played by genuine athletes, but it is boring as hell! The highlight reel for an average game is twelve seconds long, with the introduction. There is also no way in hell that soccer is the third most popular game to watch in the US, not even close.

          • Anonymous

            Most boring spectator sport? come on you guys have Baseball. What about your superbowl, a few years ago the entire thing (including the pre-game and post-game punditry) was over 8 hours long but there was only fifteen minutes of actual play.

        • Anonymous

          Portugal has 10 million people to choose from and we are now responsible for the death and prision of all of North Korean staff and players…

      • no1mini

        dude, it’s called football. FOOT-BALL! I’m sure i don’t have to link you to the hand-egg image now do i? stop calling it soccer!
        And i find it funny how this video was posted saying the world applauded and history was made….yet only america cheered. You’d like to think the whole world cheered, but let’s face it, a lot of the world hates the USA and western civilisation. (and yes that goes for britain too before you all start flaming and talking shit) and you seem to be forgetting the key element that you still lost? I’m failing to see how history was made here, as also stated in the video…

        • Anonymous

          I believe the world is spelled: ” civilization “

          • Anonymous

            ** word

  • Da Cuntstabber

    All you people need to calm daaaa fuck dooown nigga!!! The chive made a mistake this time. You can´t blame ’em. They’re humans for Brian’s sake!
    The orginal title for this post was “How the world reacted when September 11 happened””
    Bin Ladeeeen… Gooooaaaalllll!!!!

    • fasterthanu

      Grow up ‘Da Cuntstabber’

      Now your email address has been released, you tit.

      Not gonna lie. You deserve the endless flow of bullshit for that childish insult of the tragedy that is 9/11.

      • AT

        It was a tragedy indeed.. not gonna lie either, I was kinda glad that Ghana won but it is a sports rivalry thing.. truth is I’m ashamed people like cuntstabber live in my country….

  • HellHathNoFury

    From the comments, I take what they say is true, that the smallest of mind are the quickest to fight.

    • Q Bert

      Umm… you’re the quickest to respond to people telling you to shut up. Your shit is everywhere, and you’ve got the worst comebacks.
      Stop trying to sound smart when you’re just a worthless idiot. Do you think you’re cool or something?

      • HellHathNoFury

        Hi, I’m helping build an Ohio-class nuclear submarine for the US Navy. What are you doing besides making fun of girls with sophomoric insults? Am I cool? Probably not. Do I talk too much? Yes. Worthless? I’m worth many times more than inarticulate jerks that make fun of girls, and I’ve proven my salt many times over, and I’ll bet your job and family wouldn’t fall to hell if you went missing for a day. I’d say I’m a hell of a lot smarter than many women my age raised in a third-world country. Grow up and get a real job.


          To be frank, I appreciate what you bring to the chive. It helps us find out who the real fucktards are because they’re the ones that jump all over you every time you say something opinionated. On top of that you seem like you have self-worth and some pride to go with it which I think is awesome.

          Your jokes/comebacks are hit and miss but if it’s a miss it’s usually because the text doesn’t translate the inflection you intended when typing it, or if it’s just too smart of a joke for the majority of the chivers to understand.

          Despite the occasional hard time you get from me about not paying up on the $5 that one time about the islam post not generating a hate spam stream (such as this post, ironically), I got your back. Doesn’t mean much on the internets but nonetheless it is the case.

          Sassafras. That is all.

          Go USA!

          • HellHathNoFury

            Mmm sassafras root tea on roast venison with onions. Just one more reason I like you.

        • Whatever

          You work for the shipyard, dont ever act like you are a hero. Good job getting overtime for fucking up maintenance making sailors spend more time away from their families. Once again, you are a cunt.

          • HellHathNoFury

            I work for the shipyard? Funny, I thought I was Union, what with the dues and meetings and super-tacky Union brotherhood jacket and paperwork. I also seem to work for the ferries, Army base, building contractors and private businesses. Seems to me that the sailors don’t much mind spending time away from their families for the most part, since 90% of the time, when they are delegated to a task such as cleaning their own bunks, stripping them, picking up trash in their areas, they leave it to the firewatches who are busy watching and assisting us. And when many of them are bringing their conquests to base from the bar or the local high schools, they sure as hell know how to have their friends answer their cell phones to the wife/girlfriend/children they ‘miss so much’, and there is no shortage of sailors with wedding-ring tans harassing myself and other female workers instead of doing their jobs while I do mine.
            Believe me, the shipyard is the place they send us when we’re being punished, or, like me, still low-man on the totem pole.

            • Haha

              So you couldn’t even get hired on at the Shipyard…PRICELESS. So you fuck over sailors and civil servants, too much. Such a cunt. Just cause you’ve let a couple E3s fuck you in the ass dont lecture us about Sailors until youve been one, or done anything more than pay your Union dues.

        • nuclear-fucking-class submarine

          Bitch please, what do you know about anyone’s job or family? Nobody talks about theirs because they don’t have to. This has to be the 5th time I’ve come across you blabbing about your fucking job. Good for fucking you. For all we know, you could be an engineer or just a stupid mop pusher that cleans nuclear-class toilets. Please don’t tell us, because we don’t care. You have the worst case of small penis syndrome ever.


            Do you see ANYONE else on here get completely trashed and ragged on for posting something harmless? It’s worse treatment than the damn “firsties” get. She can react to it however she wants because it’s the internet and not some psychological evaluation course run by you and all your little shit-eating buddies.

            It seems to me you have a pretty strong case of tiny penis syndrome yourself trying to shoot someone else down just because they said they’re proud of what they do for a living. Douche.

            (Also, you probably don’t eat shit, it was more for the effect than the actuality of thinking you eat shit.)

  • Da Cuntstabber

    And yet you fight back my sweet princess cunt!
    Who’s a cute yankee princess?
    Who’s a cute yankee princess?

    I ain’t fighting you, we don’t hate you, you ‘ave yer great stuff (Coltrane, Kubrick, Whiltman),but you just happen to be the single most annoying land on da planet and quite frankly I felt very relieved that ol’ day from 2001 (I even started doing acid again!)

    • HellHathNoFury

      Check mate.
      If you enjoy terrorism so much, please, start practicing hands-on. You’d make a lovely martyr.

    • Go Fuck yourself

      Yes she is a cute yankee princess. We have lots of them here and they have teeth.

      Felt relieved????? Go drown yourself in your own piss. Dipshit.

    • Sad Voice of Truth

      You talk all this shit about the united states and worship the attack of 911 like you hate america. Thats fine but the truth is your just living in spite because all of your family made it over the fence and are trying to live their american dream while your stuck in a town filled with dirt and water you can’t drink without shitting out your small intestine. – This has been the sad voice of truth.

  • NOUU


    • C

      OK, bandwagon fans you can go back to not giving a crap about soccer for at least another four years. Myself, I never gave a crap in the first place. I just like posting because it pisses soccer fans off. Now you can go find another part-time sport like cycling, or the Summer or Winter Olympics to get all up in a patriotic huff about. Admit it two months before the World Cup you couldn’t even name two American soccer players on the team.

  • Sir Awesome

    haha you´re out!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Aldo

    Good thing you changed the title of this article/video, because I would bet the world’s reaction to that was quite the opposite…

    • fasterthanu

      Why? What was the original title?

  • :D

    You better shut up, ’cause your mouth is filled now.
    Ghana 2-1 USA

  • Vicarious


  • Anonymous

    Dude, seriously, this shit is fucked up… If all these americans think they’re the best thing in the world, their ego is fucking massive. Oh look at us, we’re the biggest cog in the world! Excuse me for the typo, what I meant to say was cock, because then it all makes sense…

    • Nateb123

      The sad thing is that the people who are like that are just so poorly educated that they don’t have the capacity to ask a simple question: IS America the greatest country on Earth?

      Here’s a relevant question though, if you saw a person walking down the street saying “I’m awesome! My dick is huge and I’m the man!” Is that guy even marginally great? That guy is America.

      • sippinator

        If that guy is some average joe who we know as England, then yes, that guy is a doucebag. But if that guy is called the United States of America, then no, that guy is great, because you would be speaking german if it was not for us.

        • Nateb123

          Anyone else find it weird that the US beat the Japanese with far less help and yet they feel the need to take credit for defeating Germany? Germany was getting destroyed by British forces in Africa, numerous resistance movements and the freakin USSR before you guys even decided to fight. Why not just be proud you fought off the Japanese?

          Landing on 2/5s of the beaches on D-Day isn’t exactly a single-handed victory.

          • Anonymous

            Even in the pacific theatre there were allies other than the US fighting the Japanese forces.

          • sippinator

            Did you ever read your history book? Or better yet, did you ever pay attention in the class? Didn’t think so.

            Well, since most of you guys are talking about how shit the United States’ education policies are, I am going to show you up.

            If you don’t remember, Nazi Germany invaded the USSR in June 1941. They were destroying the Soviets. The Germans only had two objectives left from victory, Leningrad & Moscow. But the USSR launched a counter-offensive. And they were deadlocked. By that time (mid-1943), the US were going taking island after island in the Solomon’s. In October of that year, Japan Emperor Hirohito called his situation “truly grave”. Fast forward, Iwo-Jima & Okinawa are taken, Victory of Europe, Nagasaki & Hiroshima go boom. Victory of Japan.

            The USSR lost a total of 24,000,000 people in the war out of a total casualty rate of 70,000,000 people. They lost nearly 14% of their population in World War II. The USSR didn’t destory anybody.

            And yes, you are correct about the beaches. The US forces were mainly on Utah and Omaha Beach. But the United States accounted for 2/3 of the troops in Overlord.

            Also, Anonymous, you are right. Numerous Allied Powers were involved in taking out the Axis powers in the Pacific. The most casualties in the Pacific War was in fact China. But that Pacific War started in the 20s for China and Japan, and most of the casualties happened before the US even entered the war when Japan was invading China.

            • Nateb123

              Colour me mildly interested since you want to talk history but you’ve got your facts mixed up. The USSR had 3 major cities in the way of the Germans. Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad with Stalingrad being the most important by far. Stalingrad stood in the way of massive Caucus oilfields, the kind Hitler needed to keep his army running. The USSR then tore through the Germans all the way to Berlin. There weren’t any Americans fighting in the Reichstag mate, those were the Soviets. And let’s not forget that Britain was tearing the Afrika Korps a new one in the North African campaign which took them into Italy.

              My point isn’t that the Americans were inconsequential. They weren’t and anyone who says so is a moron, but they were PART of one of three pushes to Berlin. 2/3s of one of three fronts isn’t time to bring out the foam #1 finger.

            • Kent


              The Soviets and the Brits were losing when the US entered the war, on every front. The Brits had already completely lost western Europe and failed to take it back without the US at Dieppe, where Brits used your Canadian troops as cannon fodder. The Soviets were getting demolished.

              This is despite the fact that the US was supplying the vast majority of their war material for free, for both the Brits and the Soviets. The allies probably would have lost even before the US entered with troops if the US never provided aid.

              The US entered the war and it was the US, not the Brits, that kicked the Germans out of Africa. The US provided the bulk of forces in the Med and Italy as well. This is while the US simultaneously was fighting virtually single-handedly on the opposite side of the globe with basically zero help from the Brits or the Russians. The US then provided the vast majority of forces to liberate western Europe from D-day onward. Brits and Canadians already proved they couldn’t do that without the US. In anticipation of a US invasion the Germans to divert fully 1/3rd of their forces from the eastern front to the western front. Only then did the Soviets begin to win on the east (and they were doing so while eating American-provided rations, using American transport trucks without which they certain would have been fucked, in addition to a lot of other supplies). It’s hilarious how morons like you so conveniently leave out facts like this, you deliberately rewrite history to rob the US of credit.

              There is not a single credible historian on the face of this planet that doesn’t think the US was the single largest contributor to allied victory in WWII. The US supplied all of the allies with free aid. The US was the only country to fight in every theater of war. The fought two major regional wars at the same time, no other country did this. The US took the Japanese almost completely alone while doing way more than the western allies did in their own fucking backyard. The US ended up doing way, way more than the British commonwealth in Africa, Italy, the med, and western Europe despite the fact that this was supposed to be the sphere of influence.

              In the full spectrum of WWII, the US not only did the most strategically to win, but after WWII the US was responsible for the democratization and economic rebuilding of Europe (and Japan). The reason Germany and Japan are as powerful today as they are is because the US was merciful, rebuilt our allies and foes alike. If either the British or the Soviets emerged from WWII as powerful as the US, they would have used that power to subjugate and enslave. Both Churchill and Stalin were planning on cutting up Europe into pieces as spoil. The Brits wanted to maintain and expand their empire, and the Soviets wanted to spread communism…. which they did in the areas they “liberated”. Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland… all completely fucked by the Soviets. Quite different from all the areas the US took, which almost immediately began rebuilding, becoming prosperous and democratic.

              Anti-Americanism is a mental disorder, and your ignorance of history and jealously-fueled malice are excellent proof of it. You live in a country that literally owes its entire existence to the US. Canada is just a leech that is inferior to and dependent on the US in every way and yet you have the most undeserved sense of superiority imaginable.

              You’re on an American website.
              You’re using an American browser.
              Your computer which was designed by Americans runs American software.
              All on the internet which was invented by Americans, powered by electricity that was first harnessed for practical use by Americans.

              Your country will not exist in history books 1000 years from now, you’re that unimportant. The US landed a man on the moon, the single most momentous achievement of the entire human race. And yet you ridiculous Canadians think your country is better.

              You are a nation of mental midgets. You’re barely even real people.

  • z28js

    Donovan who?

  • Azidrain

    Hahahaha, you should post the second part “US Reacts to elimination…” Ghana 2- Usa 1, Simply, African players give a superb demostration of how to play this game, it seems USA team is just Donovan…poor guys…hahhaahah

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess it’s ok if nationalism (not only american nationalism) is constrained within the bounds of football. Probably.

  • 100window

    Everyone quite bitching about the title and America vs World. Point is Americans are growing to like football (soccer) and it clearly makes people feel very strongly. This has nothing to do with politics or the quality of the team. the end.

    • z28js

      There may be some drop off in ratings, now that the US team is out. But regardless, I expect that the majority of folks in the States with any interest in the sport will continue to show their deep love for their country…


    • HellsYeah.

      Only when they come close to winning. Next they'll make a film about how awesome it is with 'riod abusers and give it a moral that Russia or China dont like America so must be crushed to prove their not so arrogant but still act so anyways.

  • fasterthanu

    I see all the over-patriotic freaks have contaminated another page.

    Still funny to see all the “we saved your ass in WW2” and “we went to the moon”

    When all of you haven’t done shit.

    Highest achievement you assholes will ever get is a ‘thank you’ from a customer as you serve him his Big mac in McDonald’s.

  • nicolas gonsalez

    congrats usa you did an excellent world cup see you in 4 years ( by the way you are now in the top 20 again congrats
    p.s , the secret of your team is the hearth

  • Haplo

    All is well with all you history illiterates 😉 from USA fighting over this and that, so I’m just going to say: Please don’t confuse America with the USA.

    PLEASE! America is NOT USA!

    Now, keep on trolling!

    • fasterthanu

      Viva la raza 😉

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