US reacts to Donovan’s goal (video)

This video is from the US vs Algeria game on Wednesday, 6/23

UPDATE: Sadly, as I’m sure you all know by now, the US lost a hard-fought game today vs Ghana. Congrats to Ghana and a standing-O to the US soccer team for putting in a hell of an American effort to get to this point. Brazil 2014. Bring it, bitches.

  • dt520

    Its good to see progressive minds have moved on from racism and just criticize a whole country instead. When will people wake up and stop being morons?

    • Anonymous

      shut up nigger

  • doug

    OMG DUDES KEEP THE COMMENTS IN FOOTBALL!, cant believe i almost timep soccer though, american football is egghand

  • Anonymous

    Haha I love how many retards the chive can summon with a mere football video.

    The US lost a game, that happens. That is in no way in relation to:
    1) The intelligence of the average american
    2) The importance of the US in the world
    3) The justification on their actions in the world

    Now, I am the first guy to laugh at american poor attempt of culture, but so what? It’s a football game, for fuck’s sake. I’m glad to see the US get so far, as they played an honest and stubborn game, and I’m also glad that football is winning some ground in the US now, but why the amerihate? It seems like the chive is full of bitter english who still can’t get over Green’s error and shit their pants when thinking they gotta play Germany today.

    • Anonymous

      Now that I’ve actually watched the video, apart from the pretentious editing, that’s exactly what the world cup should be like. I’m really sorry for you yanks, as most of the world’s been enjoying that dramatic rollercoaster we call football for ages now.

    • fastherthanu

      I’m Scottish so I was actually rooting for America to beat England, but even better.

      They got beat by ze germans!


      • Anonymous

        Once again a Scot shwing pointless bile and hatred for the English whereas the English don”t even contemplate the Scots existence enough to have any feelings about them

        • Kent

          It’s funny because what you just said about the way the Scots treat the English is the exact way the English treat Americans… except you limeys are way worse. Your entire society is engaged in a fiendish, perpetual Yank-bashing spree.

          Americans usually completely ignore you, but the moment you get a tiny taste of your own medicine you limeys whine and cry that Americans are insulting you. You’re such hypocrites. It’s disgusting how hypocritical you are.

          • MichaelGS

            That cant be true. You some how manage to bring up the UK in almost every post you make. And it’s almost the exact arguement same everytime. I get you were at first defending the US from all the bashing you percieved it to be getting, but its time to change the record dude, that tune’s old. You also need to calm down dude, you might have a coronary, and need a new heart, and we all know a heart transplant is unAmerican because it wasnt first done there. What you gonna do Kent?! oh what a conundrum.

          • P-90

            There you go again calling us ‘Limeys’ like it’s an insult, yes our sailors ate limes ago to ward off scurvey on long journeys, oh how will we ever live it down, idiot.

        • fasterthanu

          Pointless bile?

          What the fuck are you talking about?
          The scots never support england, and the english never support scotland.
          Its common knowledge you tit.
          I actually have no fucking problem with the english, its people like you that give a bad name to the english
          I’m Scottish, so why the fuck would I shout for England?
          Would you root for Scotland?
          I don’t fucking think so.

          Don’t worry asshole, our team are shit anyway.
          That huge arse chip on your shoulder must hold you way back in the 12th century.

          Fucking loser.

          • Anonymous

            I wasn’t talkiing about the football bollock-chops I was talking about the Scots general pointless hatred of the English.

            • fasterthanu

              So tell me where I said anything hateful about the English?

              Fuck off you lowlife cocksucker.

  • Theo

    I loves me some handegg yawll !

  • jozef

    the reason of loss: us were playing soccer, ghana was playing football. ahah :DD

  • chris

    u guys really think that u r “the world”^^

  • WBCenobyte

    I thought soccer was gay and fake… 😉 Enjoy your baseball.

  • Anonymous

    still not the world – but I love how you make yourselves feel better – “THE WORLD’S REACTION” – funny people Americans :]

  • Anonymous


  • GPC


    Really funny people these Americans!

    You are out!!! How funny is that?!?

    If you think you are going to do win in Brazil HA! better start training =D

  • Sergio

    well usa played well and had some great matches.
    i hope soccer grows in the states 🙂

  • Crystal

    I’ve been to America. While most of the American people I met were very polite and knowledgeable people, there were the sad few that didn’t actually have any comprehension of the world outside of America. They actually thought Australia was an American state.

    Eh… you get some dumb idiots in every country. But still…. the world doesn’t actually care about America as much as some people would like to believe they do.

  • andrew

    hype hype hype

  • BigDingo


  • funtclaps

    You must have been in a black neighborhood, theres no way any slightly educated American actually thinks australia is an American state. And whats with all you foreigners feeling the need to tell us that the rest of the world doesnt care about us as much as we think?? Do you think we really care? We get no satisfaction out of imagining how much the world cares about America, YOU assume we do. Im just glad those cocky ass brits got murdered by germany today, fuckin wankers

    • Anonymous

      Wow that last sentence really shows what an ignorant retard you really are.

  • P-90

    I don’y know what the hell happened to the England team out there today, last time they played Germany they beat them 5-1.

  • Rick

    How the hell did this become about politics??? hahaha
    It´s nice to see that USA is finally learning why football is the most popular sport in the world…
    Still got a lot to learn from Brazil tho!!!

    • matt

      Strange huh… america wins a game against algeria and suddenly there is a debate about how america is better/worse than canada or the UK.

      you want to talk about a great sporting achivement? Hows about New Zealand (4million people) going home undefeated from this world cup?

      Also, for some reason, most people around the world would have been cheering on algeria and subsequently ghana… the USA tends to alienate itself from people..

      Brazil or Germany to win the cup for me i think…

  • Quarius

    This is why i love the WC, awesome energy from the fans and great to see people come together, Vamos Argentina!

    • Anonymous

      You love the Water Closet?

  • Carbonated

    Football is a gentlemen’s game played by thugs.
    Rugby is a thugs game played by gentlemen.

    • Ears

      Actually, I know quite a few rugby players, so I see a rather large flaw in your statement.

  • Tomatso

    Dont bother with logical debate. This is the internet!
    Americans will always be blinded by their egos. Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the greatest country of them all…..

  • Anonymous

    hmmm the state of Australia?

  • Yaz

    You know, people outside of the US weren’t celebrating USA’s victory but more Algeria’s defeat.
    Just sayin’

  • ROK

    the real question: why are there large gatherings of americans watching a soccer game? i say its fake. its the only explanation.

    • Tiger's Wood

      Believe it or not, there are a lot of Football (Soccer) fans in America. I’m not going to stop watching it now that USA is out. I’m hoping Germany will win the cup now (I am of German heritage). We have a long way to go to improve in this sport but we will get better. I’ve always enjoyed Football (soccer) and have played it from a young age. There are some cocky Americans and Europeans on here and they all need to be knocked down a few pegs, it’s rediculous. I don’t see why there’s all of this hostility with England and USA on here. One of the places I want to visit most is England…. there’s so much history there and I love the culture. People need to knock it off, realize that we have differences, and will back each other up if it ever came to it.

      • MichaelGS

        its actually the most played youth sport in America, and one of the top played sports in all age groups, it just doesnt get watched all that often. Give it a few more years and the US could be one of the top sides. Hell, theyve improved vastly since 1990 🙂

  • The truth of history

    Wow thet ‘Kent’ poster is an ignorant cunt, everything he said in his post was not just historically innacurate it was an outright lie.

    • Kent

      Every single thing I said was historically accurate. If you don’t think so that just proves you’re completely ignorant of history.

      Name a single thing I said that is a lie and I will prove it’s true. Go ahead, try me you fucking limey.

      • CapnS

        “You Canadians have literally nothing to be proud of. Your country only exists because we allow it to.”

        History proves that any time the US attempted to attack Canada we not only fought you off, but we once marched our asses into your country and set fire to the white house.

        Yes, your blabbering is inaccurate please stop trying. Canada exists along with the US today because imperialism is gone, get over it. We coexist because of mutual trade agreements and benefits for BOTH countries. The only ‘real’ difference between Canada and the US is that people like Canada more on a world scale (and being a Canadian I’m not entirely sure why… we’re practically identical to the US when you ACTUALLY look at us)

        • Kent

          “History proves that any time the US attempted to attack Canada we not only fought you off, but we once marched our asses into your country and set fire to the white house.”

          Not only do you have nothing to be proud of, but you rewrite history in order to create reasons to have pride. It’s amazing how your entire nation believes a gigantic lie for the sole purpose of trying to feel like you bested the US at something.

          The US has never attacked your country. Your country did not exist during the War of 1812, the current territory your country exists on was a British colony. The War of 1812 was a war between the British Empire and the US.

          Canadians did not burn the White House, British Redcoats did. The only time that people who were born in what is NOW the country of Canada fought against the US was at the Battle of York, where they were defeated and where the US burned the capitol of the British colony. The colonial government and its forces SURRENDERED to the US. If you want to pretend Canada existed during that war, we defeated you LONG before the Brits stepped foot in Washington D.C.

          You Canadians are basically like North Koreans. You believe the most ridiculous crap, your education system deliberately teaches you revisions of history in order to instill pride. You’re programmed to just mindlessly parrot the same myths you were taught over and over again with absolutely no higher mental processes in play. You’re like robots. You Canadians always say the same shit verbatim, over and over again. Then you get proved wrong and you refuse to abandon your delusions.

          What a despicable, disgusting country you are.

      • Anonymous

        No it wasn’t, everything you posted was wrong on so many different levels I wonder if you’ve ever read a book or looked on an internet site or watched a TV show which deals with history, military history, world firsts, dicoveries and inventions.

      • P-90

        You are either a very telented and dedicated troll or you are the most ignorant-to-reality cumstain in existence. I remember a previous post of yours where you wrote something like ‘We Americans are the pioneers of electricity’. Now I knew that was wrong so I looked it up and in literally a minute i found these facts:
        The man known as ‘the Father of Electricity’ is an Englishman called William Gilbert, Michael Faraday created the electric motor. Other british inventions include the electric battery, the light bulb, the light switch, the electric generator, the electromagnet and the first wave powered electric generator. Even if you ignore all those facts the next one takes the prize……The steam turbine created by Englishman Sir Charles Perkins produces 80%…yes that’s right 80% of the modern worlds electricity. If you are that wrong on a single subject then you should really look up the history of the facts you think you know before posting them and making yourself look like the unbelievable idiot you are.

  • John

    Hi there,

    First time poster / proud Canadian here.

    Some points:

    My grandpa fought in WW2 (as I’m sure many of your grandparents did) and he used to tell us stories about the war, the places he went and the people he met. It’s my honest belief that he went through a time that most of us can’t even imagine. The horror of war is something that I hope I never have to go through, although I will be the first to enlist if it means that my country is threatened (not going to join the army to fight someone elses war).

    I personally find it offensive to see Brits, Canadians and Americans commenting on here about “you would be speaking German if it wasn’t for us” or other people talking about how the US didn’t contribute as much as they think they did. I remember my Grandpa talking about US and European soldiers he fought with and became friends with. I can’t imagine finding any veteran of WW2 who would think, let alone say some of the things on this website. It may be fun and games for all of you to accuse each others countries of not doing enough or trying to take full responsbility for the allied victory of WW2, but maybe think for a second what a Canadian vet who watched his friends butchered at Dieppe would say, or what would an American, French or British veteran from the beachs of Normandy think about your comments.
    The Allies fought TOGETHER and defeated the greatest evil of this century (perhaps of all time) so stop waving your dicks around like you are the greatest thing in the world.

    Canada is a leach? Canada has never accomplished anything? These statements are so false that I can’t justify a response. America is an amazing country with a long list of successes and contributions, but like any other country it has its problems. Us Canadians are not perfect, but neither are you.

    At the end of the day the two Countries depend entirely on each other. While the debt climbs (America 13 trillion dollars in the hole, can you even fathom that kind of dollar figure) we will continue to trade and rely on each other. I’m not going to start listing the contributions Canada has made to the world, I don’t have to to be proud of my country. I don’t think any actual proud American has to list any simliar list either. If you are truly proud of your country then don’t start to spew out hatred and insults as it just solidifies some peoples sterotypes.

    I still remember donating food and clothing to Americans trapped in Alberta on September 11th, 2001. Why don’t you find some of those people and ask them how much they hate Canada.

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