I imagine these are the fossils we will leave behind (16 Photos)

These awesome “fossils” were created by Christopher Locke. More of his work can be seen HERE.

  • Kelly T

    Geology rocks

    • James Mac

      I see what you did there.

      • Anonymous

        I know James, just being an ass

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for not typing “first” because when they write the word “first” is very annoying so by not starting with “first” you are not using the word “first” which we hate to see when someone comes in “First” and writes “first” and I’m glad to see you are one of the “first” people not to use the word “first” so I’d like to be the “first” to thank you.

  • dt520

    Actually I booted up an old computer the other day and when I went to get my Wolfenstein 3D disks they were completely fossilized.

  • CunningLinguist

    #s 5 and 10, i do believe that is the extinct bushy tailed vhs player.

    • ChrisDG74

      Nope. That would be the old Sony Walkman(or another brand of personal cassette player). The “Auto Reverse” gives it away

      • CunningLinguist


  • LiaMMV

    Plastics don’t mineralise, duh.

  • top dog

    Yep, and it will take them two or three hundred years just to figure out what the hell they are.

  • Kitsch

    Because I remember that time I left all my retro game equipment at the beach.

  • jimjam

    I think it best all you losers STFU and stop posting because every last one of these are lame…including this one.

  • northerner

    you guys left out one from a previous posting of random pics, the cassette tape fossil…absolutely must be included. Hey, where’s the 8 track cart?

  • Dwayne O.

    These aren’t fossils. Fossils are the petrified remains of once-living plants and animals. These objects would never fossilize because that process requires tissue which can decay and be gradualy replaced by minerals.

    • ThanksForTheProTipDwayne

      HOLY SHIT!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!

      wow someone should alert the artist!!


      • HeartlessMachine

        Don’t worry. The artist knows already!

        Thanks for looking, everybody.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot and don’t understand the whole point. Please don’t mess it up for everyone else.

  • FartFace

    Dang… i’d buy me some of those for my vidya gaem collection.

  • Anonymoose

    hmm, wonder what future archeologists think we used the joy stick for…

  • Peri

    Nice, but a little too perfect. Fossils and items recovered from archaeological digs are usually broken, have parts missing, etc. But I like the idea.

  • The.Watcher

    #12 is pretty much a fossil NOW

  • xCon

    Clearly someone lacks knowledge about how fossils work…
    Fossils of extinct technology are items which can be revived to life using techniques developed by the Devon Corporation and a research laboratory on Cinnabar Island.
    Because of this method, ancient technology is commonly called fossil technology. They are always part Rock-type. Ü

  • http://mattscradle.com mattscradle

    Can it become fossils when those are made from plastics.

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