Yeah I don’t buy it (18 Photos)

Wedding happened somewhere in Canada. Lavish wedding for sure. I'm sure she's totally in love with him. There can be no other explanation.


  • jersey shore

    first bitches!!!!!

    • NTFW

      arranged marriage? sucks to be her….

      • Bob

        How do you know it was arranged?

        I went to Indian wedding that looked something like these photos, and it was not arranged–the couple just wanted to do it up traditional-style.

        • JJ

          Bob, I believe NTFW was getting at the fact that she’s hot, and he’s, well, nasty looking.

          I wish them the best, arranged or not. Still a very beautiful wedding!

  • Shut it

    Can’t wait for another endless pointless argument about US/Canada/The world after people freak out over the “America’s Attic” comment.

    • sock puppet

      I bet no one was even thinking of it until you brought it up.

      If it bothers you or anyone else, grow a sense of humor.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that that diamond fruit cake?

  • Tony

    I get the despairing feeling that this is another fine woman set up with someone ‘successful’ by her family when she’d really rather be spinning on my shiny end

    • NOUU


    • Anonymous

      the bride pays for the wedding so she must be the wealthy one.

  • bcbeltes

    A buddy of mine is of Indian descent – his parents arranged the marriage long before he was even in school…at the wedding itself his ‘fiance’ refused to marry him as she would have to leave her job and move to another country.

    So another woman he had known offered to marry him, and 3 hours later it was done – they have a great little boy now and are very happy.

    Basically saying (for those who don’t want to read the long version) that she probably didn’t even know him until the wedding, or the week previous.

    Don’t have to defend Canada – we know the truth… 🙂

    • Beep

      Ummmm, just so you know, the vast majority of indian people living in the UK / Canada dont actually have arranged marriages set from when we are kids.

      And also most of the weddings we go to aren’t arranged ones and we do actually know our partners before we get married :/, it just happens that its in our culture to blow a stupid amount of money on weddings, when it could go on something worthwhile, y’know, like a house 😐

      • isawoj

        Um, I work with 8 Indian guys and all but one of them had an arranged marriage. The one that didn’t caught all kinds of shit from his family because the girl was from a lower caste. They finally accept her now that she has had a child and has a good career.

        • Beep

          It tends to be freshpot Indians who are like that (as in the ones that sound like Apu from the simpsons). What I meant is that 2nd Generation Indian families (which it looks like in this set) rarely worry about caste any more.

          But I should say I can only really speak to Sikh/Hindu-Punjabi people – Muslims/Tamils/Gujrati people all have different customs really.

          Its only the Sikh Weddings where you get the free beer and bacardi though 😀

        • Nateb123

          Not even a terribly big Indian wedding from the looks of things. A friend of mine does security for large Indian weddings and 500-600 people isn’t an outlandish gathering.

          • Anonymous

            This Canadians are crazy. And they also look indian, do they throw arrows and stuff? Do they have like a totem somewhere?

        • someguy

          Arranged Marriage ? Please… Look at nature, there is no such thing as a set partner. Arranged marriages were another way of humans intervening in nature, trying to controll it.

  • Joeyk

    #9 pretty much sums it up

  • shmemley

    mmmmmmm, cake.

  • Anonymous

    I bet you it was arranged, since they are both indian….

  • meh

    Indian people suck, never do business transactions with them. Is that stereotypical? Yes, but 10 out of 10 of my last transactions with Indians have all sucked. Tasty food though..

    • HellHathNoFury

      You forgot to mention us Jews, too. We don’t even wanna do business with us. The only upside is that we can still complain about Indians.

      • Mustafa_Beer

        Indians are the worst at buisness… The sold Manhattan for $24… what??? Oh there are different Indians?

      • Jew Wanna Piece of Me???

        HHNF is a Member of the Tribe??? There IS a God!

        • cavemanlawyer

          You couldn’t tell by the level of trickery and deceit she uses in her posts?

          • HellHathNoFury

            The only reason for deceit is for shame of the truth. I don’t have that problem.

      • Anonymous

        mmmmm MATZO ball soup.

  • Anonymous

    pic #8 with a horrible Indian accent…
    “I am going to enjoy schtooping you on my slushy machine”

  • american indian

    Get with the times, arranged marriages are so 20th century.
    The only people that ever get an ‘arranged marriage’ are those who still hang on to the stupid caste system and struggle to find someone on their own caste or a higher caste. In these cases its more of an arranged meeting since the two parties still get to choose whether they want to marry or not.

    • top dog

      I’am not so sure about your first line, other countries still do this, South Korea, China, and even Japan to name a few. It’s about tradition, a traditional woman will never marry anybody but a fellow countryman, and then only certain males, it has a lot to do with money.

  • aosux

    He could do better

  • Dumbos

    In indian culture, the brides family pays for the wedding, not the groom.

  • Kitty

    Why you always thinking women only get into a relationship/marriage for money?

    • wickedjack

      a woman being interested only in money!?!?!? no way!!!!! that could never happen here on Earth!!!!

  • meh

    Looks like a normal Indian wedding to me.

    • Kris

      At first place many indian like arranged marriage and many don’t like it as well. It still exist not because of upper or lower caste but because we are used to maintain a cummunity within our caste and for the sake of having complete support from family and relatives. arranged marriages are happening with intercaste as common too, again there is big differance between south and north part of india. there is nothing shame where u are not forced to marry someone u dont like. For our generation arranged marriage is like fall in love and get arranged for wedding with family and friends !

  • Anonymous

    Its called an arranged marriage you dumb fuck, and it happens everyday.

  • thetech2

    I could arrange to stick my dick in the cake ,or I could arrange crashing the wedding and smacking tha bitch on tha ass ,or I could arrange a cab ride home after the after party after the wedding

  • thetech2

    last bitches

  • Anonymous

    she is SOOO fine

  • Offended

    I can’t believe how offensive and ignorant this posting and the comments written about it are. I didn’t think the Chive was capable of this kind of reckless idiocy.

    • HellHathNoFury

      As you have never harbored any remotely stereotypical and/or racial or culturally biased thoughts about any group of people, ever.
      Star Wars fans
      fat people
      KKK members
      gang members
      religious nutcases
      people that believe in aliens
      Not thoughts, none at all? Hmmmm? That’s what I thought

      • stafferty

        Everybody is suseptible of stereotyping and predudice, but the key is whether or not you are willing to accept jokes about your own people. Personally, I am Irish AMerican, plus I am pale, red haired, and a heavy whiskey drinker with a short temper. I cannot get mad about stereotypes because in my case, they are true. We are here for a laugh and a good amount of degradation is always funny.

        • Anonymous

          it doesn’t even matter what you post. Here on the Chive, ppl will find a way to bash America with it.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Jews, Jaws, Juice……..

  • Elvis

    Ol’ Patel probably owns a couple of Motel 6’s and a taxi company. Tax dollars also pay for them to come from India and then pays for their medical school. Did you know the women can shoot lasers out of their red dots?

  • Mumu

    Indian weddings are always lavish and almost always arranged. Her dress isn’t even as bling as it can get. If a woman marries outside of the approval of her parents, she should get ready to be shunned by her family.

  • jen

    honestly… looks like an average hindu wedding to me.
    and the bride and the groom? they dont look too much of a mismatch to me, shes not THAT much better looking than him.
    and guys, this is canada, not every indian person getting married is in an arranged marriage. geez.

  • forge

    I see this in Indian couples and a lot of Japanese couples too – she’s lyrically beautiful and he’s a big dork. It’s kind of a characeristic of folks from those areas of the world, and there’s nothing wrong with it, looks aren’t everything ya know.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hang around Indians ’cause they cheat on who wants to be a milionaire.

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