Yeah I don’t buy it (18 Photos)

Wedding happened somewhere in Canada. Lavish wedding for sure. I'm sure she's totally in love with him. There can be no other explanation.


  • Anonymous

    I have a friend who knows this guy that works for a man who’s neighbor has an Indian cashier at her 7-11 and he said that when the guy farts it smells like cummin.

  • spook01

    these mismatches dont end well unless the dude is loaded, but now that they are in this, best of luck and have a happy life.

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  • Adrian

    She’s hot as hell, poor thing.

  • bob

    If this was in Canada , then it probably happened in Surrey, BC
    And yes most East Indian marriages are arranged! I know all the janitors we hire have arranged marriges

  • George Danger Cruz

    This just looks like your normal indian wedding. I can see that. I'm sure the statement was that she wasn't into him. meh. its tradition i guess. she looks midly happy. and its not like she is marrying a fat or disgusting guy. actually, i would go as far as to say she got off easy.

    • SilentThunder

      I think they're implying that he looks quite camp in body posture and are questioning his sexuality.

  • Deezy

    The guy looks creepy

  • Bladybla

    Doesn't the bride's family pay the dowry and foot the bill for the wedding?

  • TameImpala

    Seriously ignorant

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  • Megan

    Wait…. what is weird about this wedding?

  • Adnan

    Picture 13 says it all.
    dude- "im getting some tonight"
    chick- "youre funny…oh shit"

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