You know cable TV? It broke (14 Photos)

  • daryl


  • McBeastie

    Yeah, those shows suck big time(even though I secretly watch Ghost Hunters on occasion). But on the other hand, cable also gave us Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Justified, The Shield, and Adult Swim. So it’s not completely broken, and that’s not even counting pay-cable.

    • SaintxXxAsh

      soo, you’re pretty much my TV soulmate.

  • Carnaben

    What’s funny is that most of these shows are on the same network.

  • Sizzle

    If I ever went to someone’s house and saw that they OWNED a season of 18 Kids and Counting, I would slap them in the face.

    • FartFace

      agreed. you should also slap the people in the face who are ON 18 Kids and Counting. they need to stop banging.


        *stop banging without protection. No one should ever stop banging unless it’s a medical hazard and even then you should push the limits. Rape, molestation, etc. are not included in what I define as “banging”, fyi.

        Sex is good.

        • Anonymous

          NERD AHOY

  • zym

    Ghost Hunters and their spawn are the stupidest fucking shows on television. I’m not a TV snob, but I really have to question the intelligence of people who believe that shit is real, on any level. Go ahead, Ghostie, thumb me down.

    There are no ghosts. Deal with it.

    • McBeastie

      The fun that I find with Ghost Hunters and shows like that is not thinking ghosts are real, but watching the douche bags who do think they are real. The shows are actually quite fun to watch on an level that is unintentional.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Son I guess according to you, every single person (and that’s thousands of people) who’ve ever had a ghostly experience are crazy? Yes, I will agree that some of them probably were, but to say that every single one of them is, to me, that’s just ignorant. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not real. No, I have never had an encounter with the supernatural, so I will not say that I do believe in ghosts myself, but there have been far too many people who have experenced stuff to completely write it off. You might think that believing in stuff is ignorant, but I feel that way about close-mindedness.

      • HeartUnderTheRose


        • CreepsAreForKeeps

          Your comments at the end were so impressively stupid, they broke the reply button. You obviously are a believer if you rattle on so much. Mind you, there is something spooky going on in your pic. Were you possessed or having an out of body experience? Heart Under The Rose or Head In The Sand?

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            Oooh, I’m so wounded. I think I’ll go cry now.

      • zym

        Crazy is a little strong. I think it’s a product of groupthink, too many “Casper” episodes, and self-importance. Self-importance meaning they don’t want their time to end when they die, so they make up ghosts so they can become one themselves, as well as the ego part of having seen the supernatural.

        And it’s not even the “ghost hunting” (ps, shouldn’t they kill them to be hunters? think about it….) that aggravates me, it’s the telling people “you’re right! you gots ghosts!” You work for RotoRooter; unless someone’s eternal soul is blocking up the shower, you are useless here.

        • HeartUnderTheRose

          Yeah, but it isn’t always about that. Not everyone who believes in ghosts wants to be a ghosts. A lot of people who’ve seen stuff didn’t even believe in it until they saw it themselves. I can see saying that if they always believed in it without ever having seen it or felt it, and while that is the case a lot of the time, it isn’t always. Believe me, I know how strong the power of suggestion is. I hate those shows where they put a bunch of random people in a dark house after telling them it’s haunted, because of course those people are going to “hear” and “see” stuff, because they already have it in their mind that they will. It’s called an active imagination. But if someone had no remote idea that a place is haunted and they end up seeing something, who are we to say that it was just their imagination? And if it is just people making stuff up, than they’d see something every where they go, not just in certain houses. So until you yourself die and and find a way to come back in order to say there is no afterlife, there is no human possible way of knowing 100% that they don’t exist.

          • Donkeyballs

            Ghosts, psychics, it’s all hogwash. I promise you with 100% certainty that ghosts are not real. Don’t be so gullible. Some people just live in fantasy land. If ghosts were real, not only would we have documented evidence, but by now there would be so damn many of them out there you wouldn’t be able to walk 10 feet without a glass breaking, or some invisible man trying to push you in the path of a moving bus.

            • Bob Loblaw

              How can you be so certain if you’ve never experienced anything “supernatural”? I for one am a believer. The day my grandfather died I was sitting in the lobby of the hospital were he’d been for the last 2 months. The moment I sat down I felt two hands grab my shoulders and squeeze, the way my grandpa would. I turned around and there was no one there. I don’t think my imagination can do that.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Wow, I’m sorry, but that is the most stupid thing I’ve read today. You do realize that not everyone becomes a ghost (if they exist). You cannot promise that something doesn’t exist. If that’s the case, then you don’t exist, because just because you and others have seen you, I haven’t, nor have millions of others, so there for that means you’re not real.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Also, you say there is no evidence. Well you do realize that there are many pictures and videos of ghostly activities that have not been proven false. And what about all the people who have seen them? Like I said, just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it’s not real.

            • Nateb123

              There are 3 types of people when it comes to the belief in ghosts:
              1) Don’t believe
              2) Believe but keep it to themselves
              3) Retards that don’t realize when they say shit that makes them sound crazy

              Now if you got a bunch of people together around a camp fire, most would probably admit they have some belief in the supernatural. Other people just can’t help but say things like “There are pictures, man!” and “This one time, my grandma’s roommate’s dog said he saw something out of the corner of his eye and felt a chill. No one else saw it but we totally believe him.” Those people are lame and seeking something to add interest to their achingly dull lives.

          • Donkeyballs

            You’ve got to be winding me up here. I bet you also believe vampires are real based on your simple minded logic. There has never been 1 piece of evidence proving that ghosts are real. Dude over in England has a 1 million dollar standing offer to anyone that can offer any type of proof of anything supernatural, and it’s never happened. If you want to believe in ghosts, fairies, the flying spaghetti monster, santa claus or any other childish dream, go right ahead. Just don’t be so shocked when people think you’re dumb.

            • reggiie


            • Chris

              Wow! Just wow. Aren’t you a little bit old to believe in ghosts? What would they be made of? Magic??? Do you think David Copperfield is really a wizard?? lol

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Simple minded logic is refusing to believe in something just because you personally haven’t seen it. I never said that I believe in ghosts or anything else for that matter. Never once did I say that. But I’m also smart enough to know that just because I personally haven’t seen anything that that doesn’t mean that those who have are stupid. Go head, talk your shit. Just remember that most things people know exist now days people didn’t believe in hundreds of years ago.

          • AliDimayev

            Too bad that is not how science works. We assume things don’t exist until we discover them, not the other way around.

            • wickedjack

              holy shit! you’re right! just because we can’t see bacteria or quasars doesn’t mean they don’t exist!!! oh wait… we HAVE seen them. you can’t necessarily see black holes either, but they’ve been proven to exist. if you can see it, its real. there’s nothing in existence with some sort of invisibility cloak on it, not even neutrinos. Photons don’t even have mass, but you can still see them.

            • wickedjack

              and be4 i contradict myself about black holes; we can see the energy and radiation given off when they devour planets and stars. so technically, we can see them.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              God, you people can’t read for shit can you? People HAVE SEEN ghosts, or what they believe to be ghosts! But according to all of you, every single person who has ever seen something didn’t see anything at all, just becase you haven’t! What right do you have to question what people have and haven’t seen? Science will never be able to prove/explain everything on this earth, no matter what you try to say. Humans will have killed themselves off before they even come close to solving all the world’s mysteries. But keep being closed-minded. That’s your problem, not mine.

          • Nateb123

            I’m seeing the Ghost of Your Credibility’s Past. Does that count as a sighting?

  • stafferty

    I almost wish we only had 5-10 chennels so this type of shit would never, ever be over the airwaves. I vote that when a reality show get canceled, we steralize the stars.

    • Trent

      I vote for higher education standards…

  • Anonymous

    You know what is horrible? Spelling SHOES instead of SHOWS. Look at your window title.

  • sippinator

    Am I the only one that enjoys Cake Boss? I also find Billy the Exterminator strangely amusing & entertaining.

  • Chris

    as I just posted a comment defending America on another list, this pile of crap makes me bow my head in shame. 🙂

  • Mattythegooch

    Bluetooth Duechebag, must be a reality show, ’cause see those fuckfeet everywhere!!!!

  • Theragingmonk

    Funniest thing about the ghost investigator shows is when they actually think they see one (the magical dust orb) or hear garbled electronic noise ghost talk they run out of the room. What??? Aren’t they investigators? Why scared??

  • NOUU

    HPB is hard to watch.

  • winston002

    #1, #2, #5, #6…. adjust your aspect ratio.
    #9… its a vagina not a clown car
    #15…. the man is a genius. watch him run a business, its fantastic.

  • aosux

    I’m not a fan of any of the shows but I don’t see the reason to trash any of them. If you don’t like them, you may change the channel.

  • Anonymous


  • ozzie

    all those shows r gay as fuck,except operation Repo that shit is in miami and its funny as hell. ” you’re not taking my car!”

    BTW heartundertherose….can we see a tush shot?

    • Anonymous

      Not MIAMI, Los Angeles Mexifornia

  • Bud Ugly

    So, basically, any show featuring midgets / little people / dwarfs is a horrible show? I think that’s heightist, fa realz.

  • Buddha

    I love Dog the bounty hunter it is so funny to watch him tackle someone an call them horrible names,then 10 min later hug him, give him a smoke, and pray for him…

  • northerner

    This Chive post double-underscores just why I don’t waste my money on cable or satellite TV hookups. And why my broadcast TV is unplugged to save power most hours of the day except for news and weather. TV has become a total waste of electricity with FEW exceptions. My mind is far too valuable to waste on this kind of TV trash.

  • norm

    The worst ghost show (worst ghost show – jesus, cable is broken) is the one with the frat boys hunting for ghosts and acting all tough about it. I don’t even know what it’s called but they’re these juiced up knuckleheaded douchebags. At least the Roto-Rooter guys know they’re dweebs.

    • Mason

      Just how stoned are you?

  • Gern

    You should also include “Billy the Exterminator” in your list of ridiculous people on ghastly shows.

    • Mattythegooch

      Slow reader, see #10!

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  • jaydub

    cant we just consolidate this list into one show…ghostly midgets who can bake cakes while having an inordinate amount of children who dress douchey while hunting insects or felons in a mall…

    • Anonymous

      LOL don’t forget midgets that repocess shit

  • selmf

    hey, change the channel if you don’t like it-a couple of those shows rock

  • Buffet

    I think Dog’s wife is HOT! I’d do her – doogie-style of course.

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