You know cable TV? It broke (14 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Thank god I don’t’ have cable or a dish to even watch this shit.

    • northerner

      Exactly, why I don’t have cable/satellite…

  • JessieBear

    I actually like Mall Cops🙂 Maybe it’s just because I live in Minnesota…but I find it mildly amusing🙂 And Billy the Exterminator is a bit scripted, but, again, still mildly amusing. It disappoints me that a lot of the shows on TruTV are fake… Like that stupid fucking Repo show and All Worked Up:/ If you don’t like the show though, then just change the channel!🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nothing can be more scripted than the fucking Kardashian whores and their lesbian looking has been stepdad

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