Candice Swanepool in high-res PART 2! (27 HQ photos)

Don’t forget to check out PART 1 of Candice’s HQ gallery

  • DJWillflo

    Not very into her face. Mega hot body though.

    • stafferty

      I was thinking the same thing, but I think its more that they overloaded her with too much makeup. She would look better without it.

      BTW: #20/21 is probably the most confusing outfit I have ever seen. I know that I am not a high fashion expert but this jsut doesn’t seem practical for any climate, ever.

  • Your Local Priest

    I agree – reasonable body, but her face looks like a poor man’s Cameron Diaz. However, I’ll try a couple of faps over her, and see if that changes my mind…

  • Bob Dylan

    Not my cup of meat.

  • cytheriaoscar

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  • Ass Mode

    Olivia wilde next please

    • Chiver

      Yes sir….olivia wilde is a dime

  • P-90

    Pic 10 is awesome.

  • ...

    bet shes got a great personality … you guys are nuts if you dont find her attractive, who the fuck are we to shrug at that??

  • Anonymous

    want to touch the hiney

    Adam Sandler======>

  • joe

    in #17 she looks like sebastian bach from skid row, a hot version of sebastian bach for that matter

  • wyatt22

    I just don’t dig her that much. I don’t think she deserved 1 much less 2 high res galleries.

  • Mattythegooch

    Hot as fuck…I just released my swimmers into her “Swanepool”…Skeet!


  • NOUU

    i love how some of you pimple face fags talk about how she is just okay, it’s funny.

    • Lionhearte

      None of us “pimple face fags” are ever going to have sex with her, so we’re allowed to say whatever the hell we want, cuz this is ‘merica, bitches.

      • Bob Loblaw

        Shut up, Candy! Bet you can’t even find your own dick.

  • Jerry Collins

    She’s spongeworthy. (Seinfeld—>)

  • aleXTC

    Love those hips in #8==========>

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sweet-Baby-Jesus: PLEASE!!!!!

  • aosux

    She is hot but her pics are hit or miss. I agree with wyatt, she didn’t deserve the 2nd gallery. Next please

  • Dylan

    Outrageously hot. I can’t imagine how any straight man wouldn’t want to bang her blind.

    Also, her name is spelled wrong.

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  • The Don

    I’d rail the sh*t outta her, then push it back in the other side.

    Only reason I’d boot her out of bed is to do her on the floor.

    And ect.

    Anyway, she’s smokin’ hot and take-home-to-the-parents kind of cute. Definately marry that girl and make her never want to leave.

  • Anonymous


  • kahtan

    Always I see for him in big eay

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