I love these women, seriously (21 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    And the cheezburger sites took them from people that submitted them, who took them from Facebook or myspace, from people that took them off of their own cameras! Your chastising has taught the internet a good lesson in morals: to never ever receive or accept pictures from anyone, ever, because they might not be from the original photographer. god forbid, we’ll be sent straight to hell.

  • Bar

    #4- great attitude. Love it. I’ll be at the bottom, mouth open, waiting for your arrival.

  • goposaur

    got a bat-boner for #10

  • Krakler

    #21, That’s a nerf gun!

  • aosux

    I’m digging all these women as well. Any chick that would take it from the Predator is a DOWN chick.

  • dt520

    #7 seems gross until you realize it could wrap around… well just think about it. Then again its probably shopped

    #12, never has the tail of an aircraft looked so good

    #16 is a wet dream come true

    #17… some chicks like it rough?

  • northerner

    #4, Oh wow. To be on the downside of that escalator! I’ll bet she’s not wearing panties, either. Oh, my…
    #16, Now THAT’S a Golden Shower! That lady’s got some kidneys!

  • BurtWard

    I’m going to need a source for number 10 (sauce, I believe the kids call it) a gallon of Jurgens, and a day alone.

    Make it so!

  • TJ

    I liked the Bugs Bunny. Made me laugh, because most the the people in the costumes are women.

  • nelson

    my girl squirts more then #16. lol.

  • iamfwomwome

    #8 Yay, Brunettes!

  • Anonymous

    Why have we not found out who 7 is yet?

  • DoubleOhSeven

    1 almost makes me want to go back to basic training. Almost.

  • Pat

    #2 & #7 please

  • http://twitter.com/ScottCO09 @ScottCO09

    #14 must have taken a whole lot of Ambien.

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