More women who might have to watch their lower back soon (30 Photos)

  • cookienihui

    Goooorgeous, , , are you looking for NSA or serious relationship with REAL cougars. Or maybe find a sugarmomma who can pay all your needs?
    ==::[ C_o_u_g_a_r_a_ @ C.//0.//M ] ::== is dedicate to get REAL cougars, sugarmommas and cubs find each other. Keep it real please!!

  • DuroyPrime

    #s 18 and 27 just made my heart stop. I think all the blood went somewhere else.

  • Manami

    Do you really like all these plastic boobs (95% are plastic and look disgusting).
    Wow, I knew the States were pathetic and didn’t know natural beauty anymore, but to want to shag these alienated and ugly boobs actually….. just wow….

  • Merovingian

    #5, that is all

  • Anonymous

    #29. Are swedish Hanna and Magdalena Graaf, they are sisters but not twins…

  • Anonymous

    #2 is Justin Bieber’s manager’s GF – her name is Carin, she went to college with me – that is a FB original pic! I let her cheat off my test a few times for obvious reasons…

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know who #16 is or where to find more pics of her?

  • tim

    7 and 8 are average size but whats going on with 19?

  • Analton

    Chive, your doin it wrong… #7 has a great ass! Her name is “Rocio Guirao Diaz” it’s an argentinian model… She hasn’t big boobs but a amazing ass…

  • Jimmy

    Ms. 26, would you like to go get dinner somewhere? lol

  • j12goose

    I don’t know who #12 is, but I have to say that she is one of the most stunning women that I have ever seen.

    • northerner

      Absolutely, and I'll add #20 & #23 to that. All three are stunningly beautiful. Several cuts above the rest. Awesome!

  • northerner

    Agreed. Because her boobs aren’t so huge, they’re manageable. And let’s add, while we’re at it, #s 20 & 23 for the same reason. Stunning, slender, and much nicer sized boobs. Not likely to fall forward without warning. The others? Get’ em in for surgery, stat.

  • junebug

    Who’s #5??? I’ve seen her before. Someone please help me!

  • Yep

    Some of them don't have really big chests, while others on here do and there is a repeat picture from the other lower back problems gallery with the 3 girls groping each other. My first comment applies to the other gallery as well.

  • sithkick

    5,7.13! I want them! right now! Just gorgeous|!

  • Tommy Bolero

    !Who is #3?? ID pleeease

  • Tech Guy

    #21. thank you for keepin me occupied for the night!

  • Blisters

    17 looks like Tanya Song

  • David

    #5 I want one of those…..

  • Zach D

    #5 #7 #10 #13 #14 #17 #18 and #26 WTF

  • rdpanda

    Who is 26 please, thanks!

  • #8?

    #9… #9… #9…

  • Always Last


  • CanucksRule

    #5 #9 – jeez!!

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