My fish is bigger than yours (18 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That’s a lot of fish

    • Obvious Guy

      Wow. That’s a useless comment.

  • yo

    Radiation wins

    • bro

      fish never stop growing. its not because of radiation.

  • Anonymous

    those monsters probably glow in the dark. Let’s see who’s the first nerd who starts to go on and on about radiation.

  • Tuna


    • DutchieLover

      #12 is a 1500 lb Tiger shark from the “monster shark tournament” in Martha’s Vineyard. The guy was six minutes late for the weigh in and would have set the record and collected a six figure prize had it not take him the entire day to reel in.

  • no1mini

    #5 Why is a ghostbuster fishing?

    • top dog

      He work for Parks and Wildflife, something like a Park Ranger(mabe the same thing). It look like they were purging the lake, sometimes you have to do that. That look like a species of salmon, I gotta be honest, I have never seen one that big before.

  • Jay

    #17 what a waste…..

    • top dog

      This one was actually released, I saw this on an episode of river monsters. They were looking for this giant ray that was reported by a local villager, but the one he saw was bigger than this one so they let it go. All they were doing was catching them measuring them and releasing them back into the wild. I think some of em(smaller ones)the lacals kept to sell and eat. But still, them some big ass fishes.

    • qwertyp

      Waste?? OMNOMNOMN

  • Stefan Hartman

    The thought that these things live on this planet boggles my mind. Makes me want to stay out of the water.

  • sallygrern

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    • Gary Rowberry

      You probably look like a troll too…

  • to jay

    i wouldnt worry, fish like that are usually in private water – they make sure they go back safely

    • Fishy Story

      Yep, that private ocean water is where all the big fish are. Huh????
      10 of the 18 are definitely saltwater species. Several others are from major rivers, and several of the freshwater species are from public impound lakes, like the alligator gar from Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma. Few or none are from private waters.

  • DaddyD

    This post is proof there is a God … he or she was insightful enough to keep such fugly creatures out of our sight!

  • Xnun

    O I soo want a big fatty plate of sashimi and wasabi right now!! Yum yum!! (mostly the tuna but I’d try them all)

  • Anonymous

    anybody know what 4 is?

    • Anonymous

      alligator gar

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure #4 qualifies as a dinosaur lol

  • CunningLinguist

    whats the definition of confusion? 20 blind lesbians in a fish market.
    btw #4 thats a big ass gar.

  • jtatman

    why is #14 getting a blow job from his fish?

    • faptastic

      cause he deserves it after reeling that thing in

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