• NOUU

    because putting your pistol in the picture makes you cool..

    • flenin

      nah its clearly the dr pepper that does that – hardcore

  • dt520

    If people made ridiculous stuff like this and only ate a little it wouldn’t be big deal… but damn that is a lot of food in one place.

    The gun? I’m guessing he might be a target for robbery with food like that.

  • Ze

    Only in Fatamerica

  • doo dah doo doo

    i would eats

  • thatguyyousaw

    this why america is fat…. i do give props to the man that eats that thing and doesn’t get a heart attack

  • Anonymous

    Served with a gun and a knife O.o

  • Anonymous

    Why are you assuming it’s a guy. ?

  • muscledrifter

    Only stoners come up with such brilliance. NOM NOM NOM NOM IS THER ANY LEFT?!?!?!

  • Nick

    Site is wayyyy to slow….get a better server

  • agrwilson

    America, all on one heart attack filled plate.

  • Paige Stine

    Oh look its served with Dr Pepper too C=

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