50th anniversary Corvette Stingray looks…amazing actually (15 Photos)

This new V8 Corvette will be more fuel efficient and cleaner, as well as more powerful. The engine packs over 440 HP, however, as you may imagine this new souped up Corvette comes at a cost. The new top of the lines are estimated to price up to $125,000. Worth it???

  • Anonymous


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      you say no because you cant afford it. i say Fuck yes.

  • mgreeny

    I want this car, although I won’t be able to use it since we have corners here in England!

    P.S. First to say first 😛

  • mihair8

    If it was red I would have said that it’s copied of ferrari 599 but ferrari’s can go round corners.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For that money, I’d rather have a ’67 big block.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad you can’t really enjoy the speed in the us. Nowadays, not even in the desert.

  • HLupercal

    It looks like the Batmobile… but not nearly as cool…

    Even if I had the money, I’d pass.

    • infamous 9

      I was thinking the same thing… Looks like someone likes Batman…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

        yeah. your ass.

  • ukcanuck

    not worth it if it has the same poor build quality, uses the same cheap plastics etc….
    worth it if it Transforms.

  • Insert Name Here

    Those exhausts look ridiculous

  • CunningLinguist

    if it can’t go off road, shoot bad guys, dump mini mines out the back, or have a bed in it im not interested. oh also, id like to add….fuck gas prices.

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  • Lestat

    it’s a sin to name a piece of shit like that a Stingray. it’s a sin even to associate this cheap ugliness to THE ’63 beauty

  • BamBam

    I think for a remake they did a pretty good job. Why people always Hatin?

    • top dog

      They’re Porsche drivers man, and this car come close to knocking Porsche out of the box.

      • Porsche Carrera GT

        almost, american designers.. almost.. Yo dawg – what are you smoking man ? pass that shit……

  • HardCore Mike

    I’ll take one!

  • Greg

    Eh, its ok. Don’t like the back. I do like the Stingray emblem though

    • Kjellupa

      Are you kidding me? The split window fastback is HAWT!

      —————–> Eddie Murphy

  • Anonymous

    A little aggressive, but it does some pretty nice tribute to a classic

  • zahatsee

    old news….like 2 years

  • thetech2

    I personally would love to have one it a piece of an era ,forgotten ,and marks a time in history who knows ten years from gm could be part of a history project what would it be worth then what will it be worth fifty years from now and yeah I agree fuck gas prices we pay twice what americans pay for fuel yet we drive as much and drive as fast and I love the stingray emblem nice addition it has great lines and shows off great engineering I prefer to drive bmw’s but love american muscle if you can’t afford it you probably won’t like it if you ever drove one you would appreciate it more and more

  • Anonymous

    wonder if it shares a steering wheel with the chevy cobalt like the 09 and 10…..garbage.

  • fourtwenty

    fuck yeah i want one. when i have one, i will name it steve irwin. eddie murphy——–>

  • aosux

    The back needs to come to a point and whats with the front and back having that space where the bumper comes out of the fenders. Thats not needed for any reason; nostalgia, looks or performance. I hope they don’t end up making this car. Try again GM.

  • Alan

    The back looks like the original 63 split window, cool.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll take a 67 GTO, thanks.

  • Ross

    I cant believe that no one noticed that its Sideswipe from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

  • JohnBoy

    To put all that effort into what is believed cool looks then the Z06 with 505hp will whip it’s ass?Does not make much since @ 125K.

  • forge

    It’s a concept car, right, and it’ll never see the light of day, just like the Corvette Indy about 20 years ago or so, a midengine sweetiepie that looked like it’d fly, but they never FRICKING MADE ANY OF THEM.

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