50th anniversary Corvette Stingray looks…amazing actually (15 Photos)

This new V8 Corvette will be more fuel efficient and cleaner, as well as more powerful. The engine packs over 440 HP, however, as you may imagine this new souped up Corvette comes at a cost. The new top of the lines are estimated to price up to $125,000. Worth it???

  • kevin

    Over done and over priced. Im glad they r trying to keep the stingray name alive but i suggest letting a old timer design it, the mid to late 60s look for car designs was the best of all time.

  • robin yates

    this car looks not only beautiful but mean as well.The designers deserve a high mark for this

  • Anonymous

    What tha fuck with the lambo doors?? thats the most tacky thing to do to a car for crying out loud its a Corvette!

  • Anonymous

    wasn’t 2003 the 50th anniversary?!?!

  • zimmer

    …wasn’t 2003 the Vette’s 50th anniversary?!?!…

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  • whoa

    funny that everyone calls the 63 split window a beauty. the car did not sell well when it first came out, which is why they adjusted it immediately for the next year to a full window. people today love them cause they are rare, but it's arguable whether the 63 looks better than any of the 64-67 models. and this is not a 50th anniversary corvette….2003 was the 50th anniversary. this would be the 57th anniversary, but you know, this was actually the transformers movie car so it's not really celebrating anything.

  • jeff

    wtf is gm thinkin did they take 50 years of corvettes put them in a blender and see what happens…….
    I mean really at least with the Camaro they went retro with a modern feel.. this has none of that…. too bad they f#$%ed up the corvette like everything else…..

  • Alp

    ukcanuk noticed. they didnt mention Sideswipe by name, but its there

  • Beach potato

    I just saw on and in person it is awesome!! One I saw was silver. Gorgous interior – not cheap at all. Worth the money.

  • http://www.transamsports.com trans am

    that car is so cool. leave it as is and use it as the next batmobile. super sleek.

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  • Hank

    You would have to have a serious Batman fixation..

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