Aqua: Jeanne Gang’s beautiful architectural phenom in Chicago

* Hotel rooms: 334
* Residences: 718
* Apartments: 474
* Condominiums: 264
* Floor space: 1,900,000 square feet
* Construction start: 2006
* Construction finish: 2010
* Designed by: Loewenberg Architects and Studio/Gang/Architects
* Cost: $475,000,000
* Type: Skyscraper
* Stories: 82
* Maximum Height: 870 feet / 265 meters

* Architect: Jeanne Gang
* Architect: Jim Loewenberg
* Design architecture firm: Studio Gang Architects

  • Huh

    Don’t like it…

    • Anonymous

      agree, it’s so effing ugly

    • LF in SF

      It is gorgeous.
      Much more interesting than the anonymous, phallic slabs that surround it.

  • Tony H

    Superb, all new buildings should be expected to be of this quality

  • jackychan

    really awful looks right when close, but not from far away

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    • meh

      no way really? Even Eddie Murphy found love there? WOW! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

  • BigSlippy

    I live right by there, the construction is gonna take forever.

    My friends are not fans of it’s location, referring to it as “the goth kid in the family”

    • Midwesterner

      So what happens during the winter? Looks like an awful lot of ledges to pile snow up on. Does it go all “leaning tower of Pisa” when 10 tons of snow sticks on one side? Or do all those ledges just break off?

      Or do they plow them?

  • stafferty

    Under The Sea is Shining

  • Stefan Hartman

    FINALLY! Decent ledges to jump from! Thank GOD!

  • verbal kint

    That building looks like the winning contestants from The Biggest Loser.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Top tower and an innovative way to disguise what is fundamentally yet another boring glass block.

  • sfmountainbiker

    That building is sick.

    No really…I mean someone get a doctor, that building has some sort of fungus or disease going on.

  • aosux

    It looks stupid. Just another example of someone trying to be different by going over the top with an idea. Simple is usually better.

  • Anonymous

    this building wouldnt be standing without plenty of engineers. Architects shouldnt get all the credit for coming up with a crazy design for engineers to deal with.

  • Fan

    I feel compelled to climb now

  • frankenbozo

    This building is an obvious rip off of the cylinder on Salvadore Dali’s motorcycle.

  • kirby

    fucker to keep clean!

  • Lokiluck

    Looks like a bad Antoni Gaudi rendition.

  • Kinginhiscastle

    It took me a while to put my finger on it, but I think I’ve finally nailed it. I feel like that just before a big sneeze.

  • rtw

    i wonder what it looks like frmo the inside?

  • Munk85

    the building is awesome on the inside and outside. The view is amazing.

  • hatchback

    I work on the 36th floor 2 blocks away from this building which failed to reach it's potential. The concept and first step of creating the floor slabs in waves was great. The follow through leaves you wanting. The optimal result would have been currtain windows that flowed with the waving fo the floors. The second best would have been to at least make the balcony hand rails follow the contures of the slabs. Other than that it looks pretty good.

  • Benje


    the future is here

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