• Pricey

    It really makes no sense the English and Americans slagging each other off on here, everybody else hates both of us anyway so we should all just get along and bully the french, whatever else we all think of each other we're both great at that! Sucer mes couilles vous fromage singes capitulards manger!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Spot on, Pricey.

      These faggot dick-fights bore the crap out of me.

      • Jonathan

        16adf3513fThis is the perfect blog for anoyne who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great! 151

    • P-90

      Hatred of the French is written deep in every Englishman’s DNA coding.

  • Huh

    I’ve seen this in at least 3 posts here…

    • tom

      No no you are supposed to say “this isn’t the FIRST time i saw this on a post”

  • top dog

    That is so fucked up. Funny, but fucked up.

  • Alan

    England need to shut up. Ok it was a goal but it would have meant a lot more if the game ended 2-1 but instead they were routed 4-1. So what really the difference between 4-1 and 4-2? Nothing. The goals that were called back on america cost the US wins. Stop bitching and brush your teath England

    • Tony

      I think it would’ve made a lot of difference. Had we gone in at half time with the score all square at 2-2 we’d likely have come out and played a different game. Were this to have been when were already 4-1 done your point would be valid but scoring an equaliser, having it denied and having to sit and stew on it over half time no doubt had a demoralising effect on the team.

      • yeah right

        coulda woulda shoulda – 4-1 is not a defeat, is is an ass woopin. Your team got beat. get over it.

    • danblank000

      Is that how we spell teeth now!?

      i love listening to Americans try and talk about football! its just funny!! its almost as funny as when they talk about gun laws, obesity problems and foreign policy!!

      • America

        How about when we talk about a bunch of farmers kicking your red ass back across the Atlantic? Your country has been bitches since 1776.

        • Anonymous

          How about you read a fucking history book, a small number of the British naval fleet thousand of miles away from their commanders and any backup or supplies were eventually beat on land by the colonials and a large contingent of the French and Spanish armies.

          • imSohigh

            America – 1 / England – 0
            Nuff’ said!!!!

            • Tony

              What? It was 1-1 you muppet. I suppose you think you still won Vietnam too

    • Anonymous

      learn how to spell teeth

      • Tiger's Wood

        Yes, it definitely would have made a different game had that goal counted. I still think Germany was the best team on the field that day, but England would have had a better chance had that goal counted. That was pretty huge considereing England should have scored twice in almost no time before the half.

        • McBeastie

          It wouldn’t have mattered either way to me or anyone I know because soccer is fucking boring. Add those vevuvalas, or whatever you call them, and I’d rather get a root canal…which brings us back to dentistry.

    • Anonymous

      According to a recent international health survey we Brits have on average the healthiest teeth on the planet, not all stereotypes are accurate.

      • Postbote

        Hei Englishmens.. Remember the Wembley “goal” in 66?? When the ball was NOT behind the line and you won the World Cup ? The football god is just they say, and it was payback time for us in that game !! Don’t hate the football game as it is – hate the players.. the referees… and Blatter……. AND yes, if you think that was the only reason why England is out of the World Cup – I wonder what game you guys saw and what you were smoking………..

        • Tiger's Wood

          Mcbeastie, if you don’t like Soccer then don’t comment here. No one gives a shit what you are saying. There are millions of Soccer fans in America. Your sole intent to comment to offend is childish.

          You’re a royal dick.

          • McBeastie

            Worked though didn’t it? Funny coming from someone named Tiger’s Wood…speaking of, golf is a sport that has millions of fans in the US….soccer, does not, or we would give a shit about it year round and not just when the world cup is on.

        • neil the ork

          who knows what would of happened had it been allowed, we will never know. however i think england played shit and germany well deserved the win! I for one will be backing them to win.
          and fuck off all you yanks who go on about things you know fuck all about! wank stains.

          • h

            Even if the goal had counted there’s no way England could have held up against the Germans in that game. Their defence played too bad a game. The goalkeeper was the only guy stopping the match from becoming a slaughter.

            England had a bad start in group and couldn’t bounce back in time. And as nice as it would have been to see them get further, they didn’t work well enough together to topple Germany.

            • Me

              Nah we would have lost anyway.
              We weren’t playing well at all and Germany deserved to win that game.
              They were just the better team.

              Doesn’t matter though, we can console ourselves knowing that, although we lost the match, we are still miles better than those americans.
              Hell even those stupid arse taliban are better than americans.
              The rest of the world hates you america.

        • simpson

          Strange, if something’s not right, but you can’t do anything about it, God comes around.

          By the way, Holland rules!

  • Mattythegooch

    How about everybody shut the fuck up and share this blunt with me?? Relax…it’s soccer/football and both our fucking teams ARE OUT of the cup. Enjoy.

    • Hez26

      pass that shit!

  • Anonymous

    Holy recycled pictures, Batman.

  • tyra

    This is pretty lame.


    • Mattythegooch


  • stafferty

    There is a very short list of teams that didn’t get fucked by the bad officiating in the world cup. The US had two major calls against them that were bullshit that could have changed the outcome, plus the refs didn’t get on Ghana in extra time after they were falling down for no reason to run a minute off the clock. We should just scrap this whole world cup, try again in four years.

  • P-90

    Have you seen the new clip of John Cleese talking about his thoughts on football, it’s funny and so true.

  • rcjaos

    The bottom line is that officiating has become the talk of the world cup. This all is preventable if the Archaic Stiffs that run FIFA would accept that their product needs polishing. Adding a goal line Judge or Video reply would have directly resulted in the drastic change of many matches. FIFA is the only major sport without video replay…..even Baseball with all of their traditional values has video replay. FIFA wake the F*ck up.

    • Handsome Hal

      Dude, it’s a third world sport. These countries playing it live off of dirt sandwiches, you think they can afford technology?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for showing everybody your lack of a brain. This sport originated in Europe, which is not a 3rd world country.

        • Anonymous

          ** Meaning England (not Europe as a country)

        • rcjaos

          You should do your research.

          FIFA is set to announce an annual profit of 2.2billion USD……..i think that they can afford video technology or two extra refs to monitor the 18 yard boxes.

          They also are located in Switzerland so they won’t pay a penny in tax on this profit.

        • Handsome Hal

          It originated in the sticks of Umbabagway where they kicked around the dead skulls of their grandparents because they couldn’t afford anything else for entertainment. Hey, you like cheap, simple, affordable, sports.. who am I to judge your caveman way of life. Be proud!

  • aleXTC

    I hate it when one or two dumb asses makes all of the US look like uneducated dick heads who are all racist. Which unfortunately we have a lot of. I promise we are not all like that though.

  • fasterthanu

    The America – England debate never dies.

  • aosux

    Fuck the French

  • Some Dude

    Why no instant replay? With such a low scoring game, why not be sure 100% if a goal should count or not. Every game seems to have a controversial goal in it.

  • Osama Bin Laden

    Shut up bacon vacuum bitches or I’ll nuke your alienated land o’ freedom nigga!!

    ‘ey ‘andsome ‘al, ya like what we did to yer town?

  • Bob

    Vancouver, Canada

    I’ll take soccer over baseball any day!

  • Cellphone baby

    Game is over, get over it. Do love the picture though!

  • Brent

    Get rid of the pussy flopping and maybe I will spend more than 5 minutes watching the sport. Bad enough that the Euro’s are bringing the art of the flop to the NBA, I couldn’t fathom watching the sport where the bitch flop originated.

  • Gertcha

    All this bitching coming from a nation where they call a game where a ball is carried around by hand “football”

    • DigRats

      Well see, it started with their feet and kicking to score but after a few seasons it was deemed to pussy of a sport, so they decided to start carrying it and knocking the crap out of each other, so it evolved into what it is today. Unlike soccer, which is played the exact same way it was 1000 years ago before intelligence was created.

      • Anonymous

        So dumbasses knocking the crap out of each other equals intelligence does it? STFU you douche.

      • Anonymous

        I love the way in American “football” the players are so tough that they picked the ball up, went back to the changing room and got themselves some armour. Go watch some rugby and you’ll see an un-watered down, no faggot armour wearing sport.

        BTW England were shit in the WC and we so were USA, but the French, FUCK THE FRENCH!!!

        • Chris

          I’m in a footy league and a huge rugby fan and I’ve caught a few American Football games and I have to say although I think myself as pretty tough, the Americans are just monsters and if they took off their pads and played rugby, there would for sure be some deaths on the field. I’m just trying to be real. Rugby has smarter players though.

          • McBeastie

            Rugby players don’t wear pads because it would get in the way of all that grab-assing when they are all piled on top of one another. It would limit their ability to do reach-arounds, which would lead to them abandoning the sport all together.

            • Anonymous

              ahhh. So the armour is because they have such little confidence in their sexuality that the cannot be near another man.

              BTW The reach around is usually done by a studed foot to the bollocks or maybe even some raking of the eyes. You wouldn’t know that though as “Football” gets stopped every time someone goes to the floor

            • MichaelGS

              @Chris – Youve got it the wrong way around, they dont wear armour because they hit hard. they Hit hard because they wear armour. Theres a difference. Take off all their armour and the tackles wouldnt be as brutal because you only injure yourself once before you think “fuck this shit”.

  • LadyShamisen

    OMG, so much fail in these comments, petty twatting racism on both sides. Grow the fuck up! America, we recognise that you’re not all backwards racism spewing fucktards and for those here demonstrating that they are decent people unworthy of a negative prejudice, I thank you. But please return the favour – not everyone in the UK is as big a cock as some of the posters here.

    And fuck the French 🙂

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