• Anonymous

    So if that thing is artillery, why is there a tank sticking its cannon up its ass? Is that what daddy meant by the birds and the bee’s? He said something about putting the big stick in the butt.

  • Jeff

    It’s not a tank. It’s a self-propelled howitzer.

  • doo dah doo doo

    is that it? the brigade and the car site? that better not be it. it’s bad enough you got theberry posts and facebook-only postscattered throughout the regular posts. now we got two more things to skip over?

    although, i would be glad to see the car posts go away, cause let’s face it: most people don’t care. you can tell from the comment volume.

    • HellHathNoFury

      You talk a lot of shit for someone who obviously knows so little. Just because you aren’t mechanically minded doesn’t mean that people with real hobbies and real brains don’t appreciate it. Go back to looking at things that take no brains.

  • pres obama

    Mine’s bigger.

  • dirtwork

    Cradle the balls, work the shaft, propel Peruvian Pasos into the final frontier

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