Star Wars motivation, why not? (24 Photos)

  • Alex

    Can today be the day when we all realize that Star Wars and Star Trek were phenominally terrible, get over it, and find something worthwhile to spend our time on?



  • BDR

    Chive watermarks over the text… wtf. Kinda can’t read some important words to get the joke.

  • SupidWatermark

    I was gonna leave a nasty comment about your watermark, but "hehehe" had it all on the right mark when he said, "You steal other peoples shit and brand it as your own only to screw up the original shit."
    You're a bunch of fucking morons with your useless watermark.

  • Alen

    FAIL! Can't read the text!

  • Clementine

    its ok that you "steal" pictures from other pages, but downt put your own wathermark on it! Its my first time on this page and its going to be the last!!!
    I know many pages that is way better! Try! when they "steel" others pictures they keep the original wathermark so the original page get som credit.

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  • WhyChive?

    “Posted at”

    ruined way too many of these photos.

  • Adam Sandler

    even if its not funny.. dont fail and block text in the pics 😛

    • Anonymous

      Hi I am a girl that13

  • Woose0811

    #11- pure blasphemy

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