There are sexy Chivers among us (23 Photos)

  • aosux

    It’s about time guys.

    • Redd

      when do we get to see the sexy male chivers? I love this site to death bring on the men

      • aosux

        Don’t ever disgrace my comment with that type of nonsense reply again.

        • Sauru

          Agreed. you wanna see men go hit up the lady chive

          • roflcopter

            loool damn fag

    • Yaaaaawwwwnnnn.

      It’s funny how unoriginal this category is. Every time there are old-ass pics from random amateur pron mixed in. That must just meant that there are no actually “sexy chivers among” us… sad.

      • HellHathNoFury

        How narrow you are. SaintxXxAsh, mj Miss Cris and several regular girls here are very sexy. Take a look around, bro. Now every girl is a fat gamer.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Personal FAIL. ‘Nopw, every girl is a fat gamer! You can be one, too!”
          I meant, ‘not’. Durhur.

        • SaintxXxAsh

          awww thanks! you’ve got a rockin’ bod too. these chive guys are hard to please though =]

          • fourTWOzero

   and HHNF please me in my fantasies every night!! πŸ˜‰

    • Unoriginal

      #8 is an old ass photo, making the rounds on the internet for years, not to mention IT HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED on Chive, in this same exact category!!!! Do you guys not even bother to check your own old posts? MORE ORIGINAL CHIVE GIRLS, is what we all want.

      • CunningLinguist

        @ ash & HHNF, actually this is a common misconception, most guys are actually easy to please. show up naked, bring beer. thats pretty much it. but i did say that is “most” guys. and ps, chive, thank you for #21.

        • Beldar

          Which of the above ladies is HHN and which one is Ash? I’m sure they’re up there somewhere.

    • afrolofe

      I love The World Cup! World Cup is about sportsmanship. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is a sexy black man,lol. I know him via *** (B lack wh ite Cupid)* .*{C00M} *** a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love. . .. πŸ˜‰

    • fourtwozero

      OK Chivers…..#23 has given us a challenge!!! Lets do our worst!!! Can we see an upcoming post with this chick shopped? I suck at photoshop so I am counting on you guys to make some hillarious shit happen!!!

  • Douche Nozzle

    First Bitches!!!

    • Douche Nozzle

      *EDIT* Second bitches!!!

      • Terry Burke

        thats a fail

  • Joe Clyde

    Thanks. I needed that.

  • Erik

    #8 and #22


    you’re doing it wrong

    • JP

      Agree with eriK 8 and 22 WTF???? Please fix this or don’t post this garbage with non-full asssssets appearing….

      • forge

        Predictably Forge thirds this. Especially #8, that thing looks like it’s epically cute; #22 is ghetto all up in the place which is nice also.

        • mj

          I’ll have you know they cropped it, not me. See comment below.

  • Mike Hunt


  • Gibby

    Ho Chi Mama!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow, there are some hot Chivers among us! 9, 21 and 11 are my favorites, but 5, 23 and 22 get awesome points.

    • fourtwenty

      are you #8? dave chappelle—>

      • HellHathNoFury

        I’m #24, the super hot naked one covered in bacon.

        • ...

          mmmmm Bacon

        • thatguyyousaw

          you need to post that

          • RubberDogTurds

            backoff… sexybacon is mine! πŸ™‚
            i was the girl with the baconvest and mustache awhile back. cept i don’t have attention issues so my clothes stayed on ^.^

            • HellHathNoFury

              That was you? Your avatar doesn’t do your pretty face justice. And I don’t even get naked in front of the shower stall, haha!

            • Carnage

              You were bacon vest mustache? That picture was awesome. And yes, you seem to have a very pretty face behind that mustache. πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    16 – SaintxXx ??

    • HellHathNoFury

      I was thinking 9.

      • DoubleOhSeven

        HHNF, I think you’re right. 9 definitely looks like her.

        • Tiger's Wood

          I agree with the first guy, even though they (9 and 16) both would look very similar from behind. I actually hope she is 16, much hotter. Not to offend you SaintxXx if you are 9, because what I’ve seen of you is pretty damn good.

      • SaintxXxAsh


        • RubberDogTurds

          gotta be teh sexy9. i hope not 16 cuz that’s one botched boob job 😦

          • SaintxXxAsh

            Yeah when I went and looked at who 16 was I gasped a little. My boobs would never be that ridiculous. Poor girl.

            • Carnage

              Ash – Absolutely fantastic. If it makes you feel better, *I* prefer yours to #16. Well proportioned with a gorgeous face.

  • Adam

    Yuck. No chance #23. Honestly.

  • chris


    Christopher Walken ——————————————->

  • fourtwenty

    #21 – nice titty tat. chris farley—->

  • top dog

    What is so sexy about a bunch of tits up shots? nothing. Show some full body shots like #4, she might not be the prettiest but she sure is the sexiest of all these pics. Look at the booty on that girl!!!!

  • zym

    23 – why worst is illegal in 27 states. But I’d give you my semiworst.

  • j

    3,6,9,19,20 and 21…..21 is hot as fuck, love girls with ink πŸ™‚

    • sock puppet

      Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I think #21 looks like a class 1 skank. There’s nothing wrong with modest ink but, hell, why not put a battleship on your chest and send us pics from every port? That just screams “LOOK AT ME!!!” and not in a good way.

  • krisb

    #6 – is that a pearl necklace?
    #21 is a Suicide Girl.

  • Anonymous

    16 is the hottest chiver ive seen in a longg time

  • Eazy E

    #23… there is no end to the god awful, unforgivable things I would do to your shame cave… πŸ™‚ hahahaha

  • tiger woulds

    #6 is my new wallpaper, for my bedroom. I must borrow lotion from lady in next cubicle.

  • Beamer

    Z — Call me!

  • Anonymous

    # 23 made me go …. DURRRRRRrrrrrrrr.
    Need to hit reset on my brain pan now.

  • aosux

    I dig #6, 13 and 19. #20 would be the perfect woman without the orange nails.
    #21 – send in a pic without the herp breakout, thanks.

  • rc

    16!!! MOAR! maybe a collection of hot chicks in glasses….

  • Mattythegooch

    Short and Schweet kiddos….1 & 16 & 21

    • Swiftless

      21 has to have the sexiest cleavage/tat combination I’ve ever seen on gods green earth so far.

      Granted I don’t get out much, but still…

  • Mattythegooch

    How did I leave my Boo Boo Kitty Fuck out of the mix?? So sorry #19!

  • DoubleOhSeven

    23 makes me want to do my best.

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