Clearly, you’re doing it wrong… (16 photos)

  • Jon without the h

    A couple slick moves and #6 would not only be doing it right, but he would be doing it better than any of us could hope.

    And I don't see much wrong with #10 either. Nice.

    • Retired Geek

      Agree about 10, but I think 6 got a fail for the woody that the girl in front is looking at. She’s wanting him to be concentrating on not dropping them.

      • CoPhil

        Retired Geek fail: he noticed a guy's crotch instead of the 2 cheerleaders wrapped around his neck.

  • LOL

    Thanks for my 1st true LOL of the morning Leo…the mohawk is priceless. 😛 Just think…he’s breeding. :p

    • fsf

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  • Anonymous

    14 is clearly shopped. That black dude isnt in that photo. 6 seems to be doing it right except for the fact neither girl is naked yet.

    • ChrisDG74

      That’s my alma mater. Love me them UC cheerleaders(the female ones – that is).

  • SexyBatmanMonkey

    Wait, girls don’t like that?

  • Stafferty

    #!0 is a win in my book, now I just say I am looking at the light and not her boobs (I am lying about that)

  • top dog

    MOHAWK? Thats a hawkmo, a reversed mohawk.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say thats more of a Nohawk.

  • Anonymous

    10 is Definitely a win

  • Vice

    i was wondering how 10 “was doing it wrong”

  • Leif Erikson

    14 is the worst Photoshop job ever
    i don’t see how 10 is doing it wrong

  • brandon

    Pic 14…. I dont get it.. Hes just making a shadow puppet

  • DaddyD

    What’s wrong with 12? Just looks like the outfielder is making a valiant attempt to prevent a home run.

    • Massadonious

      Might be the pitchers in the bullpen acting like scared sissies.

  • thrasher

    i dont really c how 10 is doing it rong, only thing that could make it better is if she was naked haha but thats just my opinion


    number 10 doing it so right. everybody wins

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with #5? So fucking what? If you don’t like it..don’t buy tit. Obviously shopped though.

  • Leonel

    #10 is so doing it right.

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