Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    why do people post pics of regular ass lookin asian chicks? whats wrong with yall? just being asian doesnt make a chick hot. im assuming all you guys obsessed with regular ass asian chicks have never had sex with an asian.

    • fourtwenty

      i heard they have horizontal vaginas. eddie murphy——–>

    • DaddyD

      I’ve had sex with several Asian women (Chinese, Filipina, and Indonesian) and they are HOT.

      • real deal

        are you sure they were in fact women?

  • First

    First is so awesome

    • Yates

      Nobody cares you D-Bag. And whats up with the running joke about Keanu Reeves and photoshop. People are so damn retarded anymore.

      • Josh

        #7: Maybe not, but I noticed that “repeated” is spelled incorrectly.

        #14: No. Arlington is not the place for jokes.

      • First

        Uh oh, Internet tough guy. You are SOOOOOO awesome.

    • Huh

      I’m pretty shure that some people reload the site every 5 seconds just for that “First” thing…

      • Firsty First First

        People say “first” because it gets the attention of people like you and pisses you off, stupid.

  • Anony

    First off, i don’t like the hat either.

    • Anony

      And second off, who cares?

    • First


  • bum


  • amandurr.

    hahahhaa i love 30

    • Gordon of Hesselink

      Nono, u had to say “fourth”, then comment

  • j

    #12…..Snookalikes 😦

  • DoubleOhSeven

    12 is the most frightening thing in the known universe.
    23 I believe her name is Anna Chapman, and hot damn.
    25 I want a cane that looks like a lightsaber

  • aosux

    The hat? Take off the shirt!

  • Anonymous

    who is 11?

  • http://metalcool36.wordpress.com metalcool36

    I have seen the top of the mountain….. and it is good!

  • Thrush

    #8 .. I dont get it .. please ‘splain

    • forge

      Seconded; what’s so LOL about the front of a psychic shop? They’re the single most ubiquitous thing you’ll find pretty much world wide, in one form or another.

      • kgc

        Predicting the "present" seems pretty funny.

  • Rich

    Shouldn’t Chewy have a crossbow cane? But then I guess it wouldn’t look as slick.

  • stafferty

    The hat thing got me. Well played sir, well played.

  • Disrespectful

    From the creators of a website called The Brigade, photo 14 is in very, very bad taste.

    • HellHathNoFury

      As you know, none of the soldiers buried there had a sense of humor. Ever. It was srs bsns all the time. No laughing. Their lives were joyless.

      • Disrespectful

        You’re an idiot.

        • bigdaddydrew

          Damn dude. You showed her.

          • edcedc

            I’d like to show her.

  • W

    WHO IS 11?!?!
    MORE OF 11!!!

    • Spanky Mobster

      #11 – MOAR!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Hey, 16, we found the perp in #10.
    17-and you finally realized your dog was a cougar? Awesome!
    I used to think the James bond movies were unbelievable, now I’m not so sure, with that female spy.
    Dear 34, if you insist upon the hat, it should be only the hat.

  • doo dah doo doo

    i like that the chive dudes respond exactly like most of the comments would. win.

  • loud

    I’m a big fan of 11.. She is MIsa Campo finally Misa Campo has arrived on the chive! Google her up she is awesome!!! Sexy model, but i don’t belive that she goes all the way. Surely HQ photoshoots will arrive, if they are not limited by copyright laws haha

  • ronin

    Was “the”, pead more than once? One day, I will write a plugin for FF that fixes spelling and grammar mistakes. It won’t help, but, at least I will have the satisfaction of wasting my time for a greater good.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Do you know… The muffin muncher?
    The muffin muncher?

    • HellHathNoFury

      There’s always a line outside his place on Drury Lane.

      • ROFLCentral.com

        Everyone please say the word “Drury” aloud. “Drury”. Thank you.

  • Son of Dad

    #8 – dur, what am i missing?
    #9 – i had that Muffin Muncher book as a kid and others in the series. they rocked.

    • Nicnac

      probably that someone would pay a psychic to tell them about the PAST. Wouldn’t a psychologist be better for that? Or a mom.

      • forge

        Some people think that a psychic pointing out things about your past can be therapeutic and remind you of why you have hangups about certain things now, sort of like a low-rent psychotherapist. Of course, psychics are con artists and psychotherapists are um…. not? I guess? = )

    • Naysayer13

      How’d they taste?

  • Kjellupa

    #7… Repeated*

  • Moe

    I’d hit it with the hat on.

  • Woody


    Maria Ozawa does pr0n. So she’s #1 and all the others can get bent.

  • tickling your belly button

    I wanna be inside you, homes.

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