Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • SexyBatmanMonkey

    Holey hell, how did you get a picture of my girlfriend?

  • sdfse

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    • goposaur

      goddamnit – I told you before. Go bug Chad – he’s yet to get a date

  • aosux


    • Likes Asian Food

      1,2,5, in any order…then maybe 4 & 3 when they grow up and fill out a little.

  • Lance

    #7 fail. The word is only “repeated” once, not twice.

  • P-90

    #17 Imagine spending the night at your new girlfriends/boyfriends house and she/he asks you to go and let the cat in.
    ‘Er……are you sure?’
    ‘Yeah he’s really playful!’

  • Dude

    #35: I tried. I really tried.

  • tomorrowbystorm

    Holy God, I really wish Katy Perry would just do Playboy or something already. I really, really want to see those puppies unleashed in their prime…just once, and I’ll be happy.

    Dear 34, your had is amazing, keep it on. However, you’re clothes are horrendous, and you should remove them immediately. That is all.

  • TexWatson

    muffin muncher on #11
    Katy Perry is hot. she had that pinup look but something about her makes me think whisker biscuit smells like a blue waffle

  • dt520

    I’ve fapped to The Russian Spy chick so many times I feel like turning myself in as a traitor. Also, #35, I’ll take 4. I can’t tell if its her body or her shirt.

  • Ian

    Why is 8 here? It is not funny.
    29: I’m okay with this.
    34: That’s a pretty nice hat, actually.

  • Naysayer13

    #16, You mean report it to the same security guard that works nights and weekends?

  • docsully

    #11 hot damn that’s some nice side boob.
    #14 Really? come on i have friends buried there that’s really f’d up. I don’t know if you have any shred of decency but if you had a family member or friend that died in any war i don’t think that you’d find this appropriate.
    Sincerely HM2(FMF) O.

  • forge

    #35 Oh please, they’re all gorgeous and all alarmingly similar. “Rank” a bunch of vaguely-ethnic-looking darkhaired women who are all within shouting distance of twenty-one. Please!!!

  • John

    Can we stop the parade of semi hot girls desperate for attention asking us to rank them? Is this really how dumb girls build confidence these days?

  • jakwanzaamir

    2, 1, 5, 4, 3

  • Scott P

    #35 5,3, 1, 2, 4…

  • Jawbone

    #7 How very clever. Does the brain mention the correct spelling for "repeated"? Hard to be a condescending cockholster when you cannot spell correctly.

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