‘I got invited to Hulk Hogan’s sons birthday party when I was 5. That is all’ (5 Photos)

  • Stafferty

    A small shirtless boy held above the head of a shirtless man. HOw is it that pedobear is not involved. (Hulk is awesome, but Pedobear needs to be involved)

    • Lionhearte

      You need to enlighten yourself a bit. Pedobear -only- goes for the girls.

      • Jeff

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    • Dave

      I’m a fat, frequently shirtless man who often times revels in the joy of fatherhood with my son. I’m not rich like Hogan, our backyard pool is eight feet wide and maybe two feet deep, but Jimmy loves being in it and I love playing with him. You want to put pedobear into that situation? Fuck you. Fuck the absolute hell out of you.


      • Poopaloompa

        Wow, fat Dave has some serious issues. I think he had some late night visits from the pedobear himself.

  • Todd

    Plums ladies?

    • chumpstyle

      Beefcake looks like a poo pusher

    • fse

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      • SexyBatmanMonkey

        I would take you up on your offer, but I’ve been flirting with a bot on another thread, so it would feel like cheating.
        But if it doesn’t work out, I’ll look you up.

  • donkeylasers


  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Terry these days. His wife is fucking nuts and he’s a cool ass dude. Its too bad she did what she did to their family. They used to be a picture perfect family which is nearly impossible to have in a famous family.

    • McBeastie

      not to mention he’s got a son who put someone in a coma due to sheer stupidity and a daughter whose album could put someone in a coma if anyone actually listed to it.

  • Mattythegooch

    You sure that wasn’t a NAMBLA meeting?? Say your prayers and eat your vitamins you Hulkamaniac!

  • Clickawhat

    <— One very jealous Hulkamaniac.

  • Anonymous

    Hulk comes to my gym often and he is very kind to all those who approach for a handshake or a small chat.
    ————————————————>smug lookin’ guy with the pipe

    • Kjellupa

      You mean Jim Gaffigan?

      ————> Dave Chapelle

      • Kjellupa


        • dsbgsde

          eddie murphy bitches ——————->

  • mopery


  • toilet paper

    Hulk’s son will then grow up to make John Graziano a veggie with a big chunk of his head missing.

  • HellHathNoFury

    If only more men would model themselves after him. Not orange and frightening, but respectable men with real joy in their children and doing nice things for others.
    Jeez I sound like a wimp.

    • pikcfdhj

      show us ya tits


    • Womble

      I wish all woman would not generalise……….

      • alex

        HH didn’t really generalize, she just said that she wishes more were like that. something like if you had a million dollars and wished you had more… I think.

        either way, I agree. and don’t be so defensive.

  • Furthy

    Aqua socks and banana hammock FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • petwookiee

    Cool, yet tragic. I mean it’s gotta suck knowing your life peaked at age 5, and has been nothing but downhill ever since.

    • HellHathNoFury

      That’s true for most people, bro. About that age, you start noticing this crappy thing called,’reality’.

  • aosux

    The Ultimate Warrior was better

  • harpoon_slinger

    isnt his son in jail n daughter just a massive hoe-bag?

  • hulkster


  • bigdaddydrew

    When I was 12, my mom asked me what a ho-bag was.

    • Dr. Phil

      Did you instruct her to look in the mirror?

      ———————————————————-> Jim Gaffigan

      • Suzanne


        Seriously, Hulk Hogan was and still is awesome, one of the ‘good guys’ for sure!

  • Dan

    You lucky son of bitch

  • ed the fatman

    I nce told him I would kick his ass if he didn’t leave my girlfriend alone in high school…45 years sure change people, but I’d still kick his ass

  • WWF

    Legendary party

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