It’s Thursday and I think GIFS are in order

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    • SexyBatmanMonkey

      I know life’s lonely, I’m lonely. I’m 46 and have a large stature, (I know you women like curves, I have 12 of them). You say you want to find a good man online, and you’ve found one here and I’ve been waiting so long for a girl like you (Free). I have financial stability (my mom will always pay for my bills if I can’t) and I am the owner of the largest collection of Batman memorabilia for a hundred miles.
      I am also the CEO of a company which I founded (Batman’R’us)
      I am a serious man who likes golf in theory (my mom wont let me play) and all kinds of music (I can make you a mix CD if you want)
      Look me up online, my name is “Sexybatmanmonkey12_3”

      • number1sidekick

        You, sir, had me at hello…. and by “hello” I meant the part about the largest Batman memorabilia collection for hundreds of miles.

        Let’s have a sleepover… we can help your mom with the s’mores!

        • SexyBatmanMonkey

          Well then Mr. Sidekick, your offer amuses me, I’ve always wanted another buddy since my pet budgie died when I sat on him by mistake.
          However, there is a few things I will have to point out about the sleep over,
          1: No fondling of the batcape.
          2: I am the only one allowed to wear black spandex
          3: ALL THE S’MORES ARE MINE!

          • Floopa_Joopa


  • blah

    First the worst,
    second the best,
    third the one with the hairy chest.

    • Crystal

      Noooo it’s “third the one with the treasure chest”!

      Or maybe that’s just what everyone told me so I wouldn’t feel bad when I lost everything

  • doo dah doo doo

    i loled at 6 and 10. i hope 8 resulted in spinal injury of some kind.

  • Dave

    Who is #10?

    • Wikipedia

      #10 is Joachim Lowe, Head Coach of the German national side at the world cup in south africa.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it is, I mean what is it with Germans and wanting to eat things from inside your own body.

  • DessicatedCadaver

    #4 that really happened poor dumbassed child killed his father

    • Will

      No it didn’t, dipshit.

    • ken

      Only a dessicated cadaver would think that gif is real….Oh wait…never mind.

      Actually that #4 made me LOL!

      I’m guessing #3 is a college football fan…probably of some SEC school.

      #10: his family must be so proud! Look how he cleverly moves the booger from one hand to the other before the NOM NOM NOM. Can’t fool the camera though. Being a booger eater doesn’t preclude one from being a world cup football coach…apparently.

  • ozzie

    ma i was wondering about that.that’s some faces of death type of shit. it looks fake to me cause heads don’t really explode like that.much less how much blood would be out there.

  • TexWatson

    #7 lol that looks like how I eat some red snapper

    • Ryan

      Nice pic of yourself douche…..I mean Tex.

      • fsadf

        jim gaffigan is annoying. your avatar sucks, unlike conan———–>

  • top dog

    Now why would you show #10? thats some nasty shit man, ruined my damn appetite.

  • word

    Pretty sure #3 has Tourrette’s…

  • Xarxas

    Why did you delete the Zonda R post?

    • Bob

      We are about to unveil another car post instead that has bigger ramifications..wink wink. Can you see me winking? Cause I am

  • Anonymous

    #8, thats what fruit booters get for being gay in the butt.

  • Xarxas

    I may finally quit on internet porn, that you released TheThrottle. Congrats for the new site!

  • psycho_freak

    he din roll the booger nicely…it still might have been wet and gooey, the fun is when u have a crispy booger..!! True strory 😛

  • few

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  • MichaelGS

    #9 will be done to the next collegue of mine that falls asleep at their desk

  • One More Reason Not To Fall Asleep On The Job

    […] (via TheChive) […]

  • Chiver

    can anybody explain no 4 plzzz

  • Moo

    #4 has to be fake! if you look at raft it dosent actually loose any air when the kid jumps on it…. still gross though.

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  • Always Last


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