Motivation…no, amusing….yes (29 Photos)

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  • tommybhoy

    #10…WTF is that??

    • DaddyD

      Mostly, it looks like 3 guys abusing a girl and a freak. Caption doesn’t excuse the offense.

      • The_Dood

        "Joshua is forced by a group of young men to watch a violent milk attack on a blonde victim; a veiled allusion to mob mentality and sexual violence. Joshua's obvious horror and empathy for the victim leads us to ask, 'who is the monster here?'"
        Apparently that's what it says about the picture at the exhibitions that it's shown at.

    • Colin

      Seriously though, I need to know WTF that is……..FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!

      • RandomHabit

        Google "Understanding Joshua" by Artist Charlie White…..

        Now rest. Your eyes have had a traumatic experience.

  • Twiggy

    D'ya not think that the fella in picture 22 looks like the goomba from the super mario film?

    • til_death

      Holy shit, he does! Forgot all about that movie.

  • Kelly T

    Yes, number 3 who drew the original pic?
    number 27 gets me every-time.

    • sf

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  • Anonymous

    First….ly I would like to say that some of these are very good…..

    • CunningLinguist

      bullshit. all of these are lame, and most are reposts. for shame chive.

      • Anonymous

        Remove the “most”.
        Those came from
        and they’re kind enough to add their name on the bottom
        and try not to block the pics

  • saraheleanor17

    #1 kinda just made my night

  • SaintxXxAsh

    somewhat weak post =/

  • cookienihui

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  • chigodforlife

    1. Alexia
    2. Alice
    3. Ben
    4. Bethan
    5. Billie
    6. Charlie
    7. Dan D
    8. Dan P
    9. Dom
    10. Emily
    11. Ethan
    12. Ewan
    13. Gabriella
    14. Gina
    15. Henry
    16. Holly
    17. Jamie
    18. Jake
    19. Jessie
    20. Joe
    21. Karis
    22. Kwam
    23. Lottie
    24. Lucy
    25. Luke B
    26. Luke W
    27. Maddie
    28. Mark
    29. Mat
    30. Mel
    31. Minty
    32. Nyle
    33. Rachel
    34. Ronnie
    35. Rowena
    36. Saffy
    37. Sam
    38. Sarah
    39. Serafina
    40. Tilly
    41. Tom
    42. Travis
    43. Zita

    • Dave

      Is this your list of people to kill? I like how you kill in alphabetical order, very organized.

  • chigodforlife

    sorry about that guys baisicly this is the only thing i can post on from school and i neeeed to have thta list at home LOVE YOU CHIVE SOO MUCH YOU SAVED MY DAY.

    • steve ogrizovic

      ever heard of a pen and paper?

  • anaughtybear

    #8 – than, THAN.

    • Ryan

      Yes, if English is your first language, THEN you should know the difference, rather THAN not, of THEN and THAN.

      • Wrong

        then ( th ěn)
        At that time: I was still in school then. Come at noon; I’ll be ready then.

        Next in time, space, or order; immediately afterward: watched the late movie and then went to bed.

        In addition; moreover; besides: It costs $20, and then there’s the sales tax to pay.

        Used after but to qualify or balance a preceding statement: The star was nervous, but then who isn’t on the first night of a new play.

        In that case; accordingly: If traffic is heavy, then allow extra time.

        As a consequence; therefore: The case, then, is closed.

        n. That time or moment: The bus leaves at four; until then let’s walk.
        adj. Being so at that time: the then chairman of the board.

        [Middle English, from Old English thenne ; see to- in Indo-European roots.]

        than   /ðæn, ðɛn; unstressed ðən, ən/ Show Spelled[than, then; unstressed thuhn, uhn] Show IPA
        1. (used, as after comparative adjectives and adverbs, to introduce the second member of an unequal comparison): She’s taller than I am.
        2. (used after some adverbs and adjectives expressing choice or diversity, such as other, otherwise, else, anywhere, or different, to introduce an alternative or denote a difference in kind, place, style, identity, etc.): I had no choice other than that. You won’t find such freedom anywhere else than in this country.
        3. (used to introduce the rejected choice in expressions of preference): I’d rather walk than drive there.
        4. except; other than: We had no choice than to return home.
        5. when: We had barely arrived than we had to leave again.
        6. in relation to; by comparison with (usually fol. by a pronoun in the objective case): He is a person than whom I can imagine no one more courteous.
        Use than in a Sentence
        See images of than
        Search than on the Web


        bef. 900; ME, OE than ( ne ) than, then, when, var. (in special senses) of thonne then; c. G dann then, denn than, D dan then, than

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  • licious

    is that nick nolte in # 26??

  • Me

    Homer doesn’t really seem to be enjoying himself.

  • Anonymous

    rule 34?

  • Lupivthegreat1

    #19 that’s Dubai’s Burger King, I NEED TO ORDER THAT PIZZA !!

  • Cassie

    #19….bk definitely stole that from spongebob squarepants…krusty krab pizza

  • Aiyowei

    Wanna know where people go to snag an i-nter-racial relat-ion-ship, say, Just for future reference? “i-nterr-acial Central”? “San Carlos” ? or “San Francisco”?*** BlackwhiteFlirts C0/M *** is the real place that is packed with them. 😉

  • Sugreev2001

    Pic #20 is illegal

  • Kyle

    Rule #34. If it exists, there is porn of it somewhere.

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  • Jimbooboo

    for the love of god, someone explain #10.. that crap is going to give me nightmares

    • Isuck

      Imagine that thing crawling towards you on the ceiling in the middle of the night, staring into your soul…sweet dreams ❤

  • Barrick Obummer

    Go to… site, its fu%&ing AMAZING!!!

  • Sfieetjj

    #25 Fake! you can see other windows that have been removed :p

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