• tomm

    waders gonna wade

  • gfre

    that kid is going places

    • pinkers

      yeah, the liquor store

  • uberss

    for some reason i really like that cat

  • samantha

    my kinda guy

  • Matt

    Why does the old man, half submerged in water, care at all about having an umbrella?

    • Dragan

      Can’t get his shirt all wet n’ sh*t

    • Seven

      An inltleiegnt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

  • Vasily

    This is Russia or one of the former Soviet countries for sure. Somehow I knew that as soon as I saw the picture.

    • Herman


  • Thor

    If you had to walk through waist deep water to go somewhere you would be drinking too. This photo was taken in Elbonia

  • Wader

    Waders gonna wade

  • Anon

    dey see me wadin’….dey hatin’

    Fo SHO!

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