1091 reasons you are an idiot (16 photos)

  • ken

    What is the finished product supposed to be? Those can't stay there. What is the effect he is going for (besides pain)?

    • LOL

      I don’t mind pain with a purpose…childbirth…getting a tattoo…exercise…but I agree. This is pointless in the long run. Short term, this guy may have some emotional issues that he doesn’t know how to express, so he uses pain to get those feelings out. Good or bad, it certainly is interesting. I hope he finds peace & grace soon.

    • afrolofe

      Wanna know where people go to snag an interracial relationship, say, Just for future reference? “interracial Central”? “San Carlos” ? or “San Francisco”?*** SeekInterracial C /om *** is the real place that is packed with them. 😉

    • Bella

      Yeah, it could be a scarification, to get a texture on a back.

      • Mook

        I find it humorous you people are so stupid sometimes. In any given social environment you would voice your thoughts on being open and accepting of other races, religions, and the like. A man gets tattoos and piercings, scarification and you have to say it makes no sense he is getting this done? How many times have you done something you wanted to do because you wanted to if it makes sense to others or not? I hear this a lot from people who go and buy $8 coffees, wear $150 sun glasses, and just have to have twitter what they do every five minutes… and they call others weird.

        • mj

          well it wasn’t posted because it’s NORMAL. People don’t gawk at normal things.

    • forge

      It’s the scars. It’ll look pretty cool once they’re all healed in. Then if he gets a beer gut when he’s 45 or so they’ll stretch all out of shape and look absolutely awful, so he better pledge to stay in great shape in perpetuity.

      • Derek

        Thankfully the meth fitness regimen is surprisingly easy to adhere to. Some supporters of the regimen have even been known to struggle to not follow the regimen.

  • dexstar

    just why?

    • mook

      I believe they are going for scarification.

      • CunningLinguist

        youre the idiot for questioning someone elses reasons. my question is why do you give a shit? its not your body.

        • FartFace

          i believe this is done for attention. and no, i don’t give a crap about him. i actually hope he gets a major infection and loses all of his back skin. there.

          • forge

            Attention of only particular people as with his shirt on he would look no different than any other average 20something kid out walking around.

        • Lorislar

          I’ll “question someone’s reasons” all I like. One of the problems we suffer from today is that we don’t call idiots what they are — idiots. And I can understand why. Idiots don’t like being called idiots. They like to believe they live in their own individual bubble and have the right to not only live their lives the way they choose (which they do), but also to live without having to hear criticism for their ignorant decisions (which they don’t). Newsflash — I’ll comment, judge, ridicule, etc., to my heart’s content whenever and wherever I feel it is needed to get the point across to some people that what they call “individualism” is nothing more than either insanity, or a lack of intelligence. The guy in these pictures (and apparently you as well) are both idiots. Don’t like it? Tough shit.

          • Insert Name Here

            *start to slow clap*

          • Insert Name

            Are you a Republican?

          • forge

            He’s doing what he’s doing to his own body on his own time at his own expense. He understands the dangers and consequences and has accepted them. What the f*ck exactly is it to you what he does or what choices he makes? The answer of course is nothing, if not for this pictorial you would know nothing about this kid. Personally I probably care less about him than you do, but if any person anywhere wants to do this procedure or any other, as long as it’s on their own body and their own time and expense, who the fuck cares? And who’s the idiot, this guy, or you for actually giving enough of a fuck to bloviate about it on some web site, or hmm, maybe both of you?

            • Anonymous

              That’s the same reasoning democrats have about abortion.

  • Guy in these pics

    Everyone look at me, I NEED attention!!!

    • Dadaboi

      Look at you, you are normal! You are the exact copy of all your friends and colleagues. Nice!

  • Chris

    Why is he doing it? Is there a pattern beyond lines going down his back? Is there a reason for it? At least the chicks used needles to put the cool corset-like band there, which looked awesome. This seems pointless.

  • Surma

    The guy tried to break 2 world records. a) Most piercings in one sitting b) most piercings
    He got a), he was short 200 needles for b) when he stopped because his body started showing signs of shock.

    • mikethecarpenter

      So, if he was going for the record and his body was going into shock, i say keep going raise his legs a little, put him on some O’s and make a run to the hardware store, and as an added bonus he might expire thereby doing his part for the gene pool.

      • JIM

        That would be a great Darwin Award. Yet another, “I died because I’m an idiot” story.

        • SaintxXxAsh

          1001 ways to die is one of the greatest shows on tv, that’s where this douche would have ended up.

          • P-90

            Did you see the one where the drunk guy came across a ‘furries’ sex club in the desert and tried to join in but ended being eaten by a real bear.

    • His Mom

      He should try to set the world record for a single piercing through his noodle.

  • BEER

    you are an idiot … hahahaha …

  • jobby


  • LOLrobot

    Dude looks like a chick in that first picture. Has the curve going on and everything…

  • Outlaw73

    Douchebags .. this isn’t just your king .. he is your god ..

    • forge

      Rather this affected nitwit than those spraytanned hair-just-perfect frickin’ Guidos you see at places like hotchickswithdouchebags.com….

  • Anonymous

    ……I dont get it….???? what is he doing that for? fun?

  • Anonymous

    I kinda want to drop kick this kid in the back, maybe throw some lemon juice on him or something.

  • sdef

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  • NOUU

    another example of the ‘look at me’ gen.

  • Idon'tcare

    I don’t get why you guys care… It’s not like he’s gonna need his body when he’s dead. Also, tattoos and scarification isn’t going to do anything other than change his apperance. So guys, don’t judge the book by it’s cover!

    • HellHathNoFury

      He is desperate for people to judge him by his appearance. Hence the giant tattoo on his back that he can’t see without a mirror, that is for other people to look at and ask about, and the fact that he got these pictures taken the whole time he was doing this for a world record, for attention.

  • Aficion

    I’m never quite sure why many people get so enraged when they see someone doing something ‘different’. It’s there, and it’s not hurting anyone else. I think your response to it says a lot more about you than about this guy.

  • theseatoachisel

    I thought this was about his shitty back tattoo.

  • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

    Great answer mistah!

    Shut that cunt up, cunt!!

  • legs mcginley

    what a fuckin dickhead

  • Your mother

    I sure hope he doesn’t have to take a plane anywhere anytime soon

  • BigFatDick

    He’s not going for scarification @ssholes, how god dam dumb are you? He is going for most number of piercings and as the f-ucking title says, “1091” is the number achieved. Eat a dick and die, if you can’t even figure out such simple things.

    • top dog

      So what kind of award do he win, the dumb fuck of the year award?

    • hnnng

      he's still an asshole.

  • BigFatDickLover

    I agree with the brilliant and blatantly obvious yet so aptly put obsevation of BigFatDick. Well done sir. You are a compliment to the otherwise pitiful display of ineptitude demonstrated by the viewers of this page.. Bows to the great one.. May your BigFatDick forever wave. Amen.

    • Anonymous

      If it wasn’t for this idiot, I wouldn’t be having so much fun reading your comments (sitting at work, earning a pension and not wasting my personal time on a home computer !!!) Roll on EVOLUTION and the Gene puddle ( he hasn’t enough genes to make a pool!) keep it up dudes and dudesses

  • forge

    “That’s the same reasoning democrats have about abortion.”

    Reply button had reached the end of its usefulness so I’m replying down here. Yes, that is exactly the same reasoning pro-choice people – by the way there are pro-choice Republicans, I know that damages your tiny little mind – use to justify their feelings. What’s it to you? Oo it’s murder – no it’s fricking not, but war is, and most pro-lifers LOVE them some war. Get off already.

  • Son of Dad


  • Pufffdragon

    And a lot of people thought 600 000 cd’s scattered over a field was pointless. We have a new winner.

  • MolEch

    If only someone thaough of bringing a huge ass electromagnet along to finish the show off with…

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